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12 Hours After Novel Chapter 45 - A Big Hand
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I ran and ran. I could see a small house before my eyes. I opened the door and walked in. There was no one. But I couldn’t feel safe about this. I opened a small room door that looked like a bathroom and I went in. With the bathroom tile on my back, I pointed my gun at the door and listened.

‘If anyone comes into this bathroom, I’ll shoot him and kill him.’

I looked sideways at the number of people who remained.

‘Remaining Survivors: Thirteen.’

I would be the first to beat twelve people. But at that time, I could hear someone coming into the house.

I tensed my finger, as if I were going to fire at any moment. But after a moment, the sound of footsteps that had come running into my room stopped.

Tick! There was a strange sound.

What was that? As soon as I thought of it, a round thing that looked like a potato fell into the bathroom.

‘What is this?’

Bang! At the moment, with an explosion, my character fell down and a message popped up before my eyes.

[It’s okay. It’s a day like this. – Twelfth place.]

I lay back in my chair. “Ah, that was a grenade…”

I could have been in the top ten, but I died in vain.

‘Oh, I’m sorry… It’s hard, but that’s funny. Shall I play another game?’

Before doing that, I picked up my cell phone and looked at my watch. 8:45 a.m. It was time to work. I took off my headset without hesitation. Then, using my feet, I rolled the chair sideways. Next to the game computer was a work computer.

This position was my new job. Three seconds to get to work was enough transit time for my new job. I waited for the mail to come in my new workplace. It was 55 minutes and the mail was coming.

[Subscription Period left: 18 days.]

The remaining period was a bit of a concern. $1,000,000 a month was a lot to maintain a Gold Class. If my assets exceeded $10,000,000, that would not be too much, but I definitely had to earn more money before then. I checked the mail by rubbing my hands.

‘Oh, it’s time to come up…’

It really came out in the Economy category. [Jaun Heavy Industries has won a $7,000,000,000 order for nuclear power plants in the United Arab Emirates.]

Jaun Heavy Industries was an industrial company that represented South Korea. I clicked on it quickly.

[Jaun Heavy Industries has won a $7,000,000,000 order from the United Arab Emirates government. Around 2 p.m. on the same day, Prince Ibn Khalid Yusuf of the United Arab Emirates…]

Good news. I looked down at the article. As in the last CKD Entertainment case, there might be a range of changes in the stock price. With that, I could easily earn money. It was like solving a problem by looking at the answer. However, the following was not written.

‘During the bidding process, Jaun Heavy Industries proved its competitiveness in the Korean nuclear power plant business by beating out Japanese and French companies in the competition and winning the bid.’

This meant that I would not know how much the stock price rose.

‘Well…’ I saw the latest chart first. Jaun Heavy Industries was going up and down again and again at +4%, -3%, +7% and -5%. I went to the stock bulletin board this time.

[It’s a day to open everything. Will it be shit or a maid card? It will be announced soon. If you’re scared, die.]

[I believe in Jaun Heavy Industries. A $7,000,000,000 order for nuclear power plants, let’s go!]

[Do you think this will work? There must be a lot of ants going to the Han River today.]

Ordinary ants were also paying attention to what the bidding outcome would be today. In other words, there were already a lot of people who were in here because of this.

‘This information is already known… The width of the climb is not high..’

I wish I had come in early, and I was a little sorry. But I couldn’t help it. ’12 Hours After just shows what will happen in twelve hours.

‘Then, let’s bet in full in the beginning and eat a little bit.’

Thinking about it, I looked up the market capital of Jaun Heavy Industries, thirteen billion dollars. As one of the leading companies in our country, the market capital was very high. In addition, because of its high credit rating, 30% of the deposit was enough to do margin trading. In other words, the stock could be bought as much as three to one times. I had about $4,900,000. This meant over $15,000,000 could be used if the margin was used.

‘But let’s be careful. It can be dangerous to carry too much money, no matter how big it may be.’

I couldn’t stake everything on an uncertain win. I put Jaun Heavy Industries on the main screen and waited for the market to open. At the start of the market, Jahun Heavy Industries shook greatly, going +3%, –2%, +1%, and –3%. In other words, they might not know whether Zahun Heavy Industries would win the order today. It would be only me and the royal family in the Arab Emirates who knew this result now.

‘The Arab princes will lie down and make money if they buy this stock before they announce it. Well, they still make money lying down.’

As expected, information was money. I didn’t think they were dealing in detail like this.

‘I’ll take the money. The princes.’

I bought shares in the negative whenever it went back and forth. $500,000, $300,000, $700,000… Even if I put it in a lump, it didn’t make much sense because it was so big. This was a huge playground where institutions, such as investment trust companies, insurance companies, banks, pension funds, private equity funds, and foreigners from all over the world, including black-haired foreigners, played heavy competition.

If CKD Entertainment, which I had bought last time, was a slot machine that cost $1, this was like a VIP table. There was a huge difference in the amount of money that could be made. I soon bought over five million dollars.

‘After buying, let’s sell it all when the news is up and running.’

That would not be too risky. After 10 a.m., my purchase amount was $10,000,000. No matter how much I knew the future, I was a little nervous. -1%. $100,000 would fly away in real time if the stock price was pushed down. No matter how much my capability had grown these days, it was hard to not worry. However, I kept my calm and continued to buy.

It was then gathered around $12,000,000. The stock price that had been fluctuating suddenly began to rise. Even if the firm’s information had not been disseminated, it might have been possible that some level of information had been disseminated. Institutional investors, such as pension funds and private equity funds, had to be in touch with someone who could get information from the Arab world, as well.

‘Then it’s a full bet.’

Thinking about it, I bought it with the rest of the money. The total amount I bought was $16,300,000. If something went wrong here, I would suffer a fatal blow. I kept watching the market with a slight strain. The share price fluctuated between +6% and +6%. I looked at the clock. It was two o’clock. I didn’t eat breakfast or lunch, but I watched it, forgetting my hunger. The stock investment was the work of drying up blood like this.

‘I’m so nervous knowing the future, but what about those who don’t know? That’s why they’re selling it cheaply and running away.’

On the way, the stock price began to soar around 2 p.m. and around 3 p.m. I turned on Jaun Heavy Industries on the secondary monitor.

[Breaking News – Jaun Heavy Industries wins a nuclear power plant order in the United Arab Emirates.]

The news came up. The stock price started to go wild since people who wanted to make money were attached to it, while buying it a little bit earlier than others.

‘When should I sell it?’

I thought about it, but I didn’t have a clue. Only God knew how big this was and how much the stock value would be raised. The answer was to eat only as much as my capability.

‘Let’s sell it from +10%.’

When the stock price went above +12%, I sold the stock since I started to earn more than 10%. I sold shares in bundles, but as someone bought them all, the stock price still went up.

‘Is this going to the upper limit price?’

However, it would be very difficult for a massive stock worth thirteen billion dollars to go to the upper limit price. I didn’t have much greed, and I slowly sold the shares as I promised to myself. I didn’t know if it was because of my selling trend, the stock price, which had gone over +12% to +18%, had lowered again to +15%.

I sold the rest of my stock at once. It went down to +12%. When the sale was completed, I squinted my eyes. The total amount of money bought and sold today was $32,600,000. My hands trembled. Even if I held each other together, the tremors would not stop.

‘Hoo, I played a big hand.’

This was definitely a big hand. In particular, I might be the only crazy person who did a day trade with $16,300,000. If I did something wrong, millions of dollars would fly away. If you didn’t know the future, it was hard to bet like this, unless it was a chaebol.

‘Let’s check my winnings today.’

I moved my mouse with trembling hands to look at the account. Today’s income was about $2,119,000. I had about $7,000,000 in my account. I leaned back against the chair with my eyes closed. My tension was relieved. At the same time, I could hear the rumbling sound in my stomach. It was because I skipped breakfast and lunch and concentrated.

‘What should I eat? Ah, chicken. Yes, I’d like chicken. It’s chicken when I win.’

I looked for my cell phone.


“Uggggh.” I groaned a little.

“Are you sick?” the massager above me asked carefully.

“No, it’s okay. Keep it that strong.”


Spas at a luxury hotel located in Gangnam. I ordered a chicken and ate almost one by myself. And I visited here while I was digesting to reward myself for earning $2,100,000 a day.

“Is there any place that you would like to be treated primarily?”

To be honest with myself, I was not tired. When I was at work, there was no place not to be sick, but nowadays, I only went to my bed and desk like a jobless person every day. I said, pointing to my head. “There’s nothing wrong with my body… I have a slight headache. I had a lot of mental stress today.”

“Oh, yes. Then I’ll use a scent that reduces stress and calms down the customer…”

The massager, like a professional, chose the right scent for me and massaged me very gently.

As I got a massage from her, I thought, ‘Today alone, $2,100,000… my assets are now $7,000,000. I am nearing getting a Platinum Class of $10,000,000 a month… And then Diamond… But it is hard to make more than $10,000,000 every month in the Korean stock market.

‘It’s possible as far as Platinum Class. But more than that, If they ask for $100,000,000 a month starting with Diamond Class, it’s a little bit difficult.

‘They told me they’d give me five skill points next time.’

It would not be easy to pay that, no matter how skills got stronger, but I still had vague expectations.

‘Even if I had a higher class, I haven’t been able to pay for my subscription fees yet.’

That was what it was. There was a corner where my assets would be upgraded, one by one, every time the class went up.

‘If I can afford it, I can upgrade it without fail.’

When I was thinking about it, the massager put a strong grip on my side of the head.

“Ugggh.” I moaned briefly.

The massager seemed to read my thoughts and said, doing acupressure treatment, “I’m sure you’re the type of person who’s thinking a lot.”

I thought it was not a good idea to think while I was getting a massage for relaxation. The massage cost $300 per session. I erased my thoughts and left myself to the massage.

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