Cover 12 Hours After Novel Chapter 50 - Platinum Class, And
12 Hours After Novel Chapter 50 - Platinum Class, And
Author :FromHell,프롬헬

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Translator: Khan

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[Baekje Hotel]

Shares: 34,020

Purchase Price: $341.00

Purchase Amount: $11,600,820

Current Price: $429.00 (+30%)

Current Value: $14,594,580

Profit and Loss: +$2,993,760

[Edie Duty-Free Shop]

Shares: 120,700

Purchase Price: $58.00

Purchase Amount: $7,000,600

Current Price: $71.50 (+30%)

Current Value: $8,630,500

Profit and Loss: +$1,629,450]

I looked alternately at the two accounts. The hotel allowed the use of a 33% margin as a hotel conglomerate. I made $2,993,760 in profits from purchase of $11,600,820 including credit. Edie Duty-Free used a 50% margin and I was able to buy $7,000,600. The market capital was so low that I couldn’t buy any more. My profit was $1,629,450.

Right now, I had made a lot of money by Baekje Hotel, but in the long run, it was highly likely that Edie Duty-Free Shop would get bigger.

It was the same good news for both, but the size of the two was too different. While the hotel was considered to have set the stage for long-term growth that could be upgraded once more, Edie Duty-Free Shop said the selection itself was a great opportunity to change the company’s fortunes.

The Baekje Hotel would not be able to rise any further after today’s upper limit price as the market capital was too big. But I didn’t know the end of Edie Duty-Free Shop.

My prediction was not wrong.


The next day, Baekje Hotel was traded at $471.90 (+10%), and Edie Duty-Free Shop went up to the upper limit price $92.90 (+30%). I sold all the shares of Baekje Hotel that I held today. The hotel hit the upper limit price and its market capital quickly surpassed five billion dollars, but it was not easy to deal with my stock, which was worth more than sixteen million dollars at the moment.

“Give me a super-combination. Yes, please add pickles.”

I ordered a pizza around 11 a.m. and sold the shares of Baekje Hotel in front of the computer all day, eating it until 3:30 p.m. If I sold them all at once, the price would go down, and as if Hansel and Gretel had fallen bread crumbs on the road, I sold them in small portions, $100,000, $200,000, $300,000 worth of shares. The final profit tally was $4,200,000, with more than $50,000 spent on stock transaction taxes. I paid more taxes in just one day than most employees earned in a year.

‘$50,000… I’m a very sincere taxpayer.’

But there was still a place to pay more taxes: the Edie Duty-Free Shop. Baekje Hotel ended here, but it was highly likely that Edie Duty-Free Shop was just beginning.


My prediction was right. Edie Duty-Free Shop, which started at $55.00 and hit $71.50 on the day of the announcement, was $92.90 on the second day, and $120.00 on the third day.

[Purchase Amount: $7,000,600

Current Value: $14,484,000

Total Profit and Loss: +$7,483,400]

Profits alone exceeded seven million dollars. Now that it was here, I was a little worried.

‘Shall I sell here? Or should I just watch it one more day?

‘To be honest, I’m not sure how much duty-free sales will be made and how much it will be set up for operating profit. Some might predict, but that’s also the realm of betting. What the stock price will be like in the future is even more betting.’

I decided not to be greedy.

‘Yes, it may turn to the low limit price. Then I can’t sell fourteen million dollars of shares. Let’s sell them when there are many people who want to buy them right now.’

Having reached my conclusion, I also sold off the shares at the upper limit price of $120.00.

I want to buy it now! Since there were many people who cried out like that, it was not too hard for me to sell my shares. I sold about five million dollars of shares and had about nine million worth left, with only nine million dollars left showing for those who wanted to buy shares at the upper limit.

‘Well, shall I play the major shareholder here?’

I prepared to press the Whole Sale button in the sell order. Nine million dollars of shares were loaded. I clicked the order. Blam!

Shares of nine million dollars were sold at the market price at one time. At that moment, the stock price fell from +30% to +25% and 22%. It was because of the fear that someone would pour in large quantities.

‘Shall I have some fun here?’

I thought it was too mean to do it. It was feeding ants water with money. It was enough. If I did that, the real major shareholder of Edie Duty-Free Shop or the Financial Supervisory Service would directly interfere. I mumbled, “Well, I’m done.”

I now looked at my account. The sales account at Baekje Hotel added $4,200,000 to $3,500,000, and became $7,700,000, while the sales account at Edie Duty-Free Shop added $7,400,000 to $3,800,000, and became $11,200,000. Combined, the two accounts were worth $18,900,000.

“Huh…” Every time I made tens of thousand dollars, I used to hit the bathroom wall, scream, and dance, but now somehow, I got a sigh. Was it this way that I felt like I had an inscrutable pleasure? I got out of my seat, though. I thought I would feel that this $18,900,000 was mine only if I made a ceremony.

“Hoo-oo-oo-oo-oo!” I took a big breath, ran around my 165 square-meter studio, jumped loudly, and then made a noise, combing my pelvis with both hands.

“Hoopee.” My head hurt after shouting so loudly. I lay down on my new bed.

‘$18,900,000… Now I can move on to Platinum Class. I thought it would be easy to earn a hundred million dollars.

‘Famous ant investors earn a hundred million dollars once. It will not be that hard for me, who has 12 Hours After. The problem is the next grade, Diamond. $100,000,000 a month means $1,200,000,000 a year. No matter how much I earn with the news in 12 Hours After, I can’t make $1,200,000,000 a year in the Korean stock market, because of the market capital.

‘If there’s an event like selecting a duty-free shop every day, I don’t know… But two or three times a year? Is this possible? $10,000,000 a month may not be difficult, but $100,000,000 a month…’

I would be bankrupted paying the subscription. But then, I had a natural idea.

‘Ah, it’s time to pay the subscription.’

It had been almost a month since I was in Gold Class. I picked up my cell phone.

‘Then… shall I move on to Platinum this time?’

‘If I pay $10,000,000, I will have $8,900,000 left. I quadrupled this month, with $4,200,000 going to $18,900,000. In other words, $8,900,000 could reach nearly $40,000,000. I think it will be better to change my class this time than to extend the Gold Class paying $1,000,000.

‘Now $10,000,000 a month is easy. Besides, they said they’d give me five more skill points if I upgraded to the Platinum Class. Wouldn’t I earn money easier?’

I was full of confidence. I picked up my cell phone.

‘919-31413-11721’ I texted to the strange number. It would be two days from now that the money from the sale would come into my account.

– I’d like to be promoted to a Platinum Class. Two days from now.

As if chatting with a Customer Service, the reply came right away.

– OK. Please check your mailbox.


Two days later, eight in the morning. I finally received it in my mailbox.

[Platinum Class Guide]

‘What new skills do I have?’

I gulped down and clicked on it.

[Platinum Class Skill Guide]

[Congratulations, Han Sang-hoon, who is promoted to Platinum Class. Platinum Class can also be used and enhanced by investing points in each skill. The cooling time of the active skill is based on the same thirty-day period as the subscription period. There are currently four different skills available for the Platinum Class. Skill points currently not allocated are five points.

People Search Lv2 (Active skill – two points required)

One more slot for searching for people. It will be available with other passive skills applied.

Ranking News Lv2 (Active Skill – two points required)

In a specific category out of the news in 12 Hours After, you can receive first and second place news with high cumulative view counts in an hour. It’s available twice. It will be available with other passive skills applied.

Additional News Lv1 (Passive skill – one point required)

You will get another set of news at 8:55 p.m. The categories are the same as the existing news, and active skills are also available. This passive skill is overlaid with other passive skills.]

‘Well, as I expected…’

That was what I thought, and I scrolled down. I opened my mouth at the last passive skill.

[Future News Lv2 (Passive skill – two points required)

You are going to receive another news, 12 Days After, at the same as 12 Hours After. Existing news and formats are the same, and active skills are also available. This passive skill is overlaid with other passive skills.]

‘What? 12 DAYS After?’

I thought, of course, there was only one 12 Hours After. It had been doing that since the first news I had received. But, 12 Days After came out. It asked for two points to upgrade from the first appearance.

‘If I get the news twelve days earlier… Certainly, the use of stocks increases… I’ve been doing day-trading with what’s going to happen in twelve hours, but… This will allow me to do short-term and mid-term trading… Then the yield will be double what it is now.’

After watching the news of 12 Hours After, I paid people a premium and bought stocks at a high price, but if I knew the news in twelve days later, it would be possible to buy stocks at a low price and maximize profits.

‘I have to upgrade this skill unconditionally.’

Thinking, I first put two points on Future News Lv2 and pushed down the application. Then, the page was updated.

[Future News Lv3 (Passive skill – three Points required)

You will get another news of 12 Weeks After at the same time as 12 Hours After and 12 Days After. Existing news and formats are the same, and active skills are also available. This passive skill is overlaid with other passive skills.]

Future News Lv3 came up. It was the news in twelve weeks in the future, three months later.

‘I have three points left, so I can choose now. Shall I upgrade this more?’

‘But I don’t think it’s necessary now. In the ten-million-dollar trading, this will be enough for Swing Trading and Day Trading, just knowing the information in twelve days.

‘I will upgrade this Future News Lv3 next time. I think the Ranking News Lv2 is enough for now. Should I put the skill point into the People Search? Yes, let’s do it. I have been using the People Search quite a lot this month, so I need more of it now.’

Thinking that, I put in three skill points to upgrade People Search Lv2 and Additional News Lv1. When the skill investment was complete, a message popped up.

[Congratulations. You’ve been promoted to Platinum Class.]

‘Oh, yeah, yeah…’

I scrolled down. Below was the message.

[Upgrade your news to Diamond Class!]

There was the message I’d seen every time I raised my grade. I thought they expected me to raise my grade every time. I muttered to it as if I were speaking to it, “Yeah, I get it. But I can’t make $100,000,000, either. If I watch the news 12 Years After, not 12 Days After, $100,000,000 every month is too much.”

But then I was dumbfounded by the phrase that followed.

‘What you need for the promotion to Diamond Class is a fixed monthly fee of $10,000,000, and…’

I didn’t make a sound out of my mouth when I saw the skills of 12 Days After, but this time I screamed without knowing it, “What?!”

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