Cover 12 Hours After Novel Chapter 56 - The Wolf Of Gangnam Street, Part II
12 Hours After Novel Chapter 56 - The Wolf Of Gangnam Street, Part II
Author :FromHell,프롬헬

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I floated my account on the monitor at once. The total number of accounts I’d been running these days was four: Dooly Financial, Hanshin Securities, Kiwi Securities, and Mate Securities. Each held $7,000,000 in shares of Essen Bio, the total was $28,000,000. I checked the remaining volume at the upper limit price this time.

‘Let’s see… How many people want to buy right now…’

Even though it was the upper limit for the second straight day, $5,000,000 was still on standby for those who wanted to buy the stock. It was a large quantity, but I had too many shares.

‘Then, let’s sell it from here.’

I decided to take my foot off. Given the remaining volume at the upper limit price, this stock was likely to go further for the time being. But my stock volume was too big. No matter how if I was a lion, I couldn’t eat all the buffalo I’d hunted by myself. I’d eat deliciously, but leave the rest of the bones for the hyena crowd. Some of the hyenas who came too late might not be able to eat anything and return with their empty stomachs.

Like Hansel and Gretel, who were lost again, I took a piece of bread and sold a tiny bit of the stock I had on the road.

“Sell order…and sell order…”

Not a few tens of thousands, I threw them in four accounts like a Gatling gun. I sold them on a rotating basis. If they knew that a big hand went on a massive selling spree, the ants might run away in confusion.

‘It should not be. Take all my shares, and then make money or not.’

I ate all the flesh and handed the bones over to them. Of course, I didn’t know whether there would be any remaining flesh there, I ate only this much. At around 1 p.m., I secretly sold about $4,000,000 of shares. The remaining shares were $24,000,000. Even after I sold $4,000,000 worth, the remaining volume was the same. That was because even though shares were sold at the upper limit price, the same amount of money was waiting for more.

‘I think it’ll go further.’


Thinking so, I took my cell phone, wallet, and even Garden Envy’s cell phone and came out of the studio. If I walked for about five minutes, there was a snack bar. I continued to sell my stocks there, eating ramen and gimbap. Today I became richer than $20,000,000, but what I ate was instant noodles. I couldn’t help it. I had to keep as much tension as I could before I finished working. I also watched Garden Envy’s reaction as I ate.


– Essen Bio, I barely got on the opening price today, and it’ll go further, right? How much longer will it go?

Dr. J.

– These days, if a bio-stock has good news, it goes up in droves. Compared to that, Essen Bio is really a good stock. Last year and this year, they’ve won two mega contracts.

Stock Specialist

– Milestone is a technology export charge. It’s been divided over the years, so it’s like a fixed sale. It won’t be easy to get down even if it goes up further.


– Be careful, though. The stock price of a company with one billion market capital… it has been at the upper limit price two times in a row. The total market capital has been increased by $700,000,000…


– $865,400,000 in sales in one billion dollars’ unit. Because of the nature of pharmaceutical stocks, the operating profit rate is also high. I think it makes sense to be a two-day upper limit price. They have invested some big money in researchers for a few years, and we need to recognize their ability to develop. It’s not just one hit. We have to give it a premium if they hit each time.

The reaction on this side was generally positive. I didn’t need to sell it in a hurry. I decided to take it easy.


Over the following weekend, Essen Bio was hot all the time. Despite the weekend when the market was not open, the stock bulletin board was crowded with people.

– How far should this go? Three days or four days?

– I don’t think it can go any further because it has a big body. Sell it tomorrow.

– Why can’t it go? Not just anyone can do that export of $865,400,000.

– Would a German pharmaceutical company known for its frugality have signed for nothing?

– Lower limit price, lower limit price. The exciting song.

It was easy to pick people here. Those who usually said it would be going up had already bought the stock. Those were the people who wanted it to go up. Those who said it would be going down were the people who were waiting to buy. They were going to buy it as it dropped.

I also saw the Garden Envy side.


– Essen Bio. Will it go up any further on Monday? Is it too late?

Kim Gum-mo

– I see that they hit the upper limit price twice, so I am sure it will go further. The good news was so big.

Director Shin

– I should’ve taken the ride yesterday when they gave me a little chance at the beginning. I didn’t go in because I was afraid of the upper limit price twice.

There was a constant stream.

Dr. J.

– Did Duros sell it?

There were people looking for me. I talked in moderation as usual.


– Yes, I ate it properly at the second upper limit.

I didn’t want to draw attention. I just had to use this meeting to my advantage here.

Stock Specialist

– From the looks of the atmosphere, it would have been okay if you took a little more… You did a good job.


– But it hit the upper limit price twice, so he must have eaten about 70%. Duros, Nice shot!

Now, if I would go to the meeting and say, ‘I’m Duros,’ there would be one or two of them welcoming me.


After the weekend, Essen Bio shares fluctuated violently as they went through Monday and Tuesday. It went to +10%, went to -2%, ended at +5%, and it started again at +3%, rose to +8%, and closed at +10%. In the meantime, the trading volume also exploded.

Bio shares were receiving keen attention in the market these days, but now that a stock with such good news had emerged, they seemed to have been pinched. But nevertheless, I sold all my stock over two days.

‘I’m all out this way… Sell order’

I took advantage of the news on 12 Days After which I had received. In the future, it might be driven up by people’s greed or by fear, but I decided not to pay attention to it.

There were sayings in the stock market.

“Sell any stock with 70% earnings.”

“Buy on its knees, sell it off on its shoulders, and get out of there.”

‘They mean that we should not be too greedy. A stock can be bought by a buyer when a seller sells it. People who buy my shares are also confident that they can sell them for more than they currently buy it, not to let me earn money.’

That was right. That was enough for me.

‘Everyone, make a lot of money.’

I ended the selling by sincerely thanking the institutions and foreign individual investors that bought $28,000,000 worth of my shares. After all the sales, the amount I’d profited was about $13,000,000. I quickly had $22,000,000 in assets.


I got up from my chair whistling. A profit of $13,000,000! That was $13,000,000 for just one sale. Neither Warren Buffett nor Jim Rogers would make as much profit as I did now. A miraculous return! I felt like I became a real god of the stock market.


I looked in the mirror for a moment.

‘All right. Clean shave and a nice suit.’

I wore a suit after a long time. Of course, it was an expensive custom-made suit that was almost ten times more expensive than I used to wear. I tried it on only once and never wore it again. I wore it this time. If I didn’t wear a suit, I would not fit where I wanted to go now.

‘Well… it’s a little bland in a suit like this. I should buy a watch, too.

‘To be honest with myself, I don’t think the original use of a wristwatch is very good in the present age. Why do I have to wear a heavy wristwatch when I always have a good time on the smartphone? I think the use of a wristwatch is actually 99% show-off, not for me to see, but to show it to others. It’s snobbery, but it actually works for snobbery. It’s meaningful.

‘Well, I’ll buy one. Rolex? How much is it for one?’


I added a ‘high-priced watch’ to my shopping list. Then I went out of the room and took a taxi.

“Where do you want to go?”

“Daechi-dong. NU Building.”


There was not much time left to take a taxi. I was going to the car dealership.


I asked, touching the glossy rear-view mirror, “How much is this model?”

“Oh, this model is optionally from $140,000 to $250,000.”

Listening to the words, I thought, ‘It’s not as expensive as I thought.’

If it was $140,000 to $250,000, it was three to four tics when I bought a stock at $20,000,000. I saw the body. There was the Porsche mark, a shield with a black horse on it. That was cool, definitely.

‘Porsche is cool. Good to come this way.’

Benz, BMW, Audi… they were too cheap, and I skipped them. These days, they were common, as professional people bought them at discounts or even people with high-end salaries rode them around. They were not even noticeable in Gangnam. After living in Gangnam for about a year, only Porsche, Lamborghini, Ferrari, or Bentleys got attention from people. That was why I decided to use my experience to buy this brand.

‘Well… let’s look here first… All I have to do is go to Bentley’s, right?’

I excluded Lamborghini and Ferrari for now. I had only driven an old-fashioned dad’s car, and a Bongo car that carried the children from houses to the training center. I drove for the first time in a long time, and I was a little reluctant to drive a sports car. I didn’t know how to drive with such a low body.

It had to be avoided not only for myself, but for others as well. If I drove poorly and ran into someone, the problem would grow. It would cause physical damage to others, not just financially. These days, if someone had an accident, the accident was usually concluded with both parties being mutually at fault. The ratio of 10 to 0 was rarely seen. If the person who crashed my car was a commoner, it would be a matter of great importance to him or her. I didn’t want to do that.

“Can I try it?”

“Of course.”

I sat in the car. The luxurious seats, the grip-perfect handle, and above all, good visibility was excellent. I was holding the wheel and I didn’t know what to say.

“Wow, that’s good… I have to buy this.”

In fact, it was like an exclamation point, but as soon as it was over, the dealer came in. “Then do you want to sign a contract?”

I was holding the steering wheel, and I was fascinated by the horse drawn on it.

“Yes,” I answered right away.

“Oh good!” the dealer told me with a bright smile.

I was going to go to Bentley’s, but I signed a contract before then.

“What’s your name, sir?” The dealer was already trying to fill out the contract.

“Han Sang-hoon,” I told him.

“Yes. Mr. Han Sang-hoon.” The dealer grinned and wrote down my name.

It was enough. I liked this car.

‘Let’s buy this car first.’ I thought inside. ‘I can’t help it. Let’s buy a Bentley next month.

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