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12 Hours After Novel Chapter 59 - Preparation
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I stepped on the accelerator. The new Porsche sped along the road coolly. It was like riding a swift horse with a black mane, with a maximum power of 550 horsepower and a maximum torque of a 78.5 4.0-liter turbo engine.

From the speakers came the bangarang of Skrillex, and I stepped on the accelerator even more strongly. The car moved out in a cool manner. The place I was driving now was Seoul-Chuncheon Expressway. There were not many cars because it was daytime on weekdays. It was the best place to drive, the optimum timing.

It wasn’t because something happened that I was going to Chuncheon today. It was just to get in a new car and drive on the highway. I deliberately opened the window and whistled in the wind. “Hi-Woo!”

It was so cool.

‘125150, 30%, 03%, 30%, $51,000,000.’

It seemed like the numbers that went through my head every day were flying away at once. But while I was driving like that, the cell phones rang one after another.

Wi Ying!

Wi Ying!

Wi Ying!

‘Oh, is that what it is already…’

No matter how much, these numbers wouldn’t let me go. I glanced at the navigation. There was a rest area a kilometer ahead.

I drove into it. After pulling into the right position, I walked out of the car with my cell phone.

A man and a woman standing next to my car turned to me. The man looked at the Porsche and the woman looked at me. It was not very wrong to say that the important thing was getting out rather than getting in. I passed the two people and headed for the coffee shop.

“A glass of white chocolate mocha, please.”

I ordered a sweet cup of coffee, picked up my cell phone and turned on the MT. Then I checked my stock balance. The stock balance window was empty.

‘That means…’

I went over to my account balance.

‘Morning profit and loss: +$2,639,424.’

I simply clenched my fist.

‘It’s good.’

All the shares that were up for sale in the morning were sold and came in with money. I calculated the total balance. Now, my accounts were split into eight.

‘$6,300,000, $8,100,000, $4,200,000, $10,000,000…’

More than $58,000,000 came into my account.

‘So I achieved my goal.’

I opened my phone number right away and called someone. The person I called was Ji-hoon who formally became my secretary.

“Secretary Seo.”

“Hey! Secretary Seo.”

“Yes, brother.”

When Ji-hoon called me brother, he corrected himself in an angry voice, “No, sir. I’m sorry, boss.”

“You might get used to it.”

“I’m sorry, boss. I can’t get used to this because I’ve been calling you that since college.”

To be honest with me, I wasn’t used to the title, either.

“It’s okay, but it’s not the two of us anymore. Just be careful when you do that.”

“No, I’ll call you boss from the standpoint of getting paid. And I’d like to unify the title. I’ll always call you boss.”

“Yes, then. By the way, please contact Jang and tell him that I am ready.”

“Ready? Yes, I see, boss.”

Preparation was none other than depositing the payment of capital for the establishment of an investment company.

“Okay, then we’ll go straight to the next step… and tell Jang to start talking with that CKD Entertainment.”

“Yes, I see, boss.”


After finishing the call, I turned on the calendar app and looked at the date. It had been only forty days since I had had a meeting with Vice President Jang Sang-jin.

‘Vice President Jang is so good at his job… I was almost late.’

Jang, who retired from the company after being assured by me, immediately began to set up the company with Ji-hoon. I left most of my work to him, except for a few important things.

‘Vice President Jang, please do your job well on your own.’

With his experience, he was a veteran stockman who was way ahead of me. I was good at predicting the future, but Vice President Jang was much better at the mechanics than me. He used his personal network to bring in some competent and honest people he knew. There was noise from time to time, but when I stepped in, it would be solved on the whole.

‘How much salary do they want?’

I decided to spare no money in buying people when I started a company. I knew the future, but I couldn’t know the inside of a human being. Jang, who had been plagued by factional strife at his previous company, seemed very happy to come to a new job and hire and deploy the people he wanted.

‘It’s made up of great people. The boss will be pleased if you meet them, too.’

Of course, while he was working so hard, I wasn’t just playing. With hard work, I made money through stock trading. It had been almost two months since I came over to the Platinum Class.

To review the performance, I made $31,000,000, with $8,900,000 in the first month, and after paying $10,000,000 for the subscription fee, I went from $21,000,000 to $58,000,000 in total in the last two months. $58,000,000 was good money to pay $30,000,000 to an investment company, pay $10,000,000 subscription fee, and then start the stock trading again.

My capital to run in the stock trading had been reduced because of the investment company, but it wasn’t too bad. More than $30,000,000 could not be run in stocks in the first place.

‘From $30,000,000, it was really hard. I wanted to buy it, but I didn’t have anything to buy…’

Although I was able to trade chasing the only hot news on the KOSPI and KOSDAQ, it was the biggest amount. If I moved more than $30,000,000, the stock price went up and down because of the money. So I chose to invest $30,000,000 in an investment company and increase the money again with the rest.

I would operate an investment company and do the stock trading at the same time. If I kept the Platinum Class, I would still be able to earn $20,000,000 to $30,000,000 per month.

‘After a year or so, if it’s over $100,000,000, I will put it back in the investment company.’

‘Of course, there are variables. When I get to the Diamond Class, something new may happen. If there is, the pace of earning money may change. I’ll know if I get to the Diamond Class.’


5 p.m. I returned to Gangnam in Seoul after a one-day trip to Chuncheon. There were too many cars in Seoul at this time. It was frustrating to have Porsche locked on a tight road.

‘Ha, my baby can’t run. I can’t run.’

Still, there was a good thing about having a luxury car in Seoul.

‘I’ll change my lane.’

If I tried to turn it around, the other cars stood aside, letting me go first. I never felt that when I drove my father’s car or the training center’s car.

‘Ha… I can’t wait to go home and rest. I’m tired because I’ve been driving too long.’

I was tired but bored standing on the road. I fiddled with the radio. Every time I turned the channel, different voices of DJs were heard.

“The next song I’m going to play is Adele’s Set Fire to the Rain.”

“Love is~ reed~”

“So, what I said to him… Hey, man!”


But a voice that made my ears suspicious.

“The chairman of the Masung Group, Jeon Hee-joong has died.”

I fixed the radio there instead of turning it around.

‘What, the chairman of the Masung Group is dead?’

The Masung Group was a mid-sized South Korean construction company that went in and out of the top fiftieth place in the business rankings. Although it was not a branch of the chaebol, it was still a healthy company that had been steadily building up its performance since it had been founded in the 1980s.

‘No, I thought Jeon Hee-joong was a relatively young man…’

Last time I saw him on the news or in the newspaper, he looked like he was in his forties or fifties, but he died really early.

‘What? Did he kill himself?’

‘That’s usually the case when the rich die early. When a business fails, or when a corruption scandal hits a corner…’

I listened to the news.

“The chairman of the Masung Group Jeon Hee-joong has died of acute heart attack. Chairman Jeon Hee-joong, who visited the fishing area he had visited frequently around 10 a.m. on today…”

It was not suicide, but an acute heart attack. I thought he had bad luck.

‘Heart attack… No, he is a chairman. Didn’t he have a secretary or something like that?’

I was wondering, and the answer came straight out.

“On that day, he was known to have visited the fishing area alone. The person who discovered Chairman Jeon was Kim, who also visited the fishing ground to do the same, and as soon as he found him, he immediately called 119…”

It felt a little strange to hear the news.

‘No matter how much money he has, there’s nothing he can do when he dies…’

I had such an idea, that even I was still too young to die of a heart attack.


I hardly drove my car and arrived at my studio. I didn’t know before, but I’d learned something these days, that our studio building was crowded with luxury cars. My Porsche was a nice car, but inside it was packed with Lamborghinis and Ferraris, which were comparable to it. There was a Porsche next to my car. Mine was black, and it was red. Only the colors were different.

‘Whose is this? All the neighbors here are rich, anyway.’ I got out of the car thinking that way. But then, the red Porsche next to me blinked its lights.

I turned my head around, and landlord Lee Ah-young stood looking at me. She greeted me first.


“Yes, hello.” I glanced over her unknowingly as I greeted her. I was sorry for that every time, but I couldn’t help but look at her.

She was wearing a black turtleneck T-shirt and a wine-colored Cashmere coat today. She seemed to have hidden many of her merits. She pointed at my car and said, “I’ve never seen you drive a car before. Do you buy a new one?”

I nodded, “Yes. About a month.”

She came up to her car, touched it and said, “Oh, yes. I just bought this car, and I like it.”

She also seemed to have just bought a car.

‘She is rich…’

I broke away after I greeted her a little. As always, she somehow remained in my mind whenever I met her.

‘Is it because of her gorgeous looks?’

But that alone didn’t explain it well. She had her own charm to attract people.

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