Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 10
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 10
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 10: Entrapping the God (10)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

At the same time, Lin Ya’s call was picked up and He Jichen’s voice was heard saying, “What’s up?”

Ji Yi, who was about answer Bo He, pursed her lips and didn’t make a sound when she heard He Jichen’s voice. Instead, she bolted into the bathroom.

The moment the doors shut, Ji Yi heard the muffled sound of He Jichen’s voice, “Is everyone back in your dorm?”

When Ji Yi came out of the shower, Lin Ya was already off the phone. Every one of her roommates had a cup of milk tea in their hands and were chattering non-stop.

Bo He was the first to say something to Ji Yi, “Xiao Yi, are you alright?”

Ji Yi shook her head and replied, “Yeah, it’s nothing. I wasn’t paying attention and accidentally tripped.”

“Oh okay.” Bo He then pointed at Ji Yi’s table and said, “Xiao Yi, your milk tea is ready over there.”

Tang Huahua replied, “Xiao Ya’s boyfriend brought it over just now.”

Xiao Ya’s boyfriend… He Jichen?

So, before Ji Yi got into the bathroom, this was what He Jichen meant by his question to Lin Ya… he wanted to treat everyone in her dorm to milk tea.

Ji Yi left Lin Ya with a word of “thanks.” To avoid raising suspicion, she carried her milk tea with her to bed, but eventually put it down by her bedside, untouched.

The other three continued to chat while drinking their milk tea. Their conversations were all about Lin Ya’s new boyfriend.

“Xiao Ya, your boyfriend is so nice!”

“Yeah. You wanted to order milk tea at the Golden Lounge but they didn’t have it, so he actually ran to get some for you after taking us home.”

“Most importantly, he doesn’t smoke or drink! He didn’t even drink when everyone offered him glasses tonight. What did he say? ‘It’s easy to get into trouble after drinking’? A man with such self-control is almost too good to be true!”

Ji Yi couldn’t take in a single word from that point onwards. Her mind was filled with the words, “It’s easy to get into trouble after drinking”. The very words He Jichen condescendingly said to her four years ago rang in her ears, “If I hadn’t drunk so much that night, do you think I would’ve ever touched you?”.

It felt like something had pierced the deepest part of Ji Yi’s heart as her face started to turn pale from agony.

A week had gone by without bumping into He Jichen or hearing his name spoken aloud.

On the weekend, Bo He and Tang Huahua went shopping, so Ji Yi and Lin Ya were the only two left in the dorm.

As Lin Ya put on her makeup, she suddenly turned her head as though she remembered something. She looked over at Ji Yi on the bed who was reading a book and said, “Xiao Yi, I remember you saying you studied senior high in Sucheng, at A-High nevertheless. He Dage 1 also studied at A-High in Sucheng. Did you and He Dage know each other back then?”

People were allowed to visit B-film dorms during the day.

He Jichen, who had plans to go to an outdoor party that evening, was right downstairs from Lin Ya’s dorm. He wanted to give Lin Ya a call to ask her to come down when he realized his phone had turned off due to no battery. Even if he charged it in his car, it’d take a while before he could turn it on. He hesitated for a moment but eventually decided to personally go upstairs.

The door to Ji Yi’s room was left open, so out of courtesy, He Jichen didn’t push the door open and walk in. Instead, he raised his hand to the door preparing to knock when he heard Lin Ya from inside saying, “Xiao Yi… did you and He Dage know each other back then?”

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