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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 100
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 100: A Hundred “Sorry”s (10)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

There was only person in this world who called her “Manman.”

It was He Yuguang, He Jichen’s older twin brother.

She met him when she was thirteen years old. It was her second day in Sucheng and she and her grandma were guests at the He family home.

He Yuguang was sitting on the sofa with a drip at the time. After hearing Ji Yi’s grandma’s introduction, he gradually smiled at her. He looked gentle, elegant, and handsome, like a young hero from the comics young girls were obsessed with. His handsomeness made her forget to take the apples He Bomu 1 handed her.

That day, she spent quite a bit of time talking to him, but he only ever smiled or nodded in response. Deep down, she thought this little boy didn’t like to talk…

It wasn’t until she returned to her grandma’s house that she learned the little boy she assumed didn’t like to talk was actually mute.

She thought it was such a great shame and felt an indescribable sense of sympathy for him.

Her grandma also told her that the little boy had a twin brother who didn’t study, liked to pick fights, and was a bad young boy.

Grandma also added that if one day she saw a boy that looked identical to the little boy but had a red string on his wrist, it was his younger brother. She had to stay far away from him so that she wouldn’t learn his bad ways.

But in actuality, Grandma was just being overly cautious because the bad younger brother seldom came back to the He family house.

Grandma hadn’t retired at that point, so she regularly went to work at Sucheng hospital. She often had to work overtime because of delayed surgeries, so she often asked He Bomu to take care of her granddaughter. Because of this, she and He Yuguang hung out frequently.

He Yuguang had a good temper in addition to being sweet and easy to get along with, so they quickly became close.

In the second half of the second year of junior middle school, she got addicted to a game and introduced He Yuguang to it so they could play together. In the game, they had couple missions to complete, so she suggested they become a couple in the game.

He Yuguang agreed without hesitation.

She wanted to be like other couples and have a couples name with He Yuguang, so she looked at a ton of beautiful phrases. Eventually, she found one with He Yuguang’s name: ” I only see you. 2 ”

So, she happily suggested that He Yuguang be called Yuguang, and she be called Manman.

He Yuguang smiled and nodded.

At first, He Yuguang only called her Manman in the game until one day, he started to call her Manman in person too.

At the time, she and He Yuguang were just innocent friends.

During the third year of junior middle school when she had dinner at the He family’s house, she finally met the infamous bad younger brother and the future heir to the He enterprise, He Jichen.

He was just as Grandma described. The bad younger brother really did look like He Yuguang. If it weren’t for the red string on his wrist, she would’ve never been able to tell the two apart.

Grandma reminded her a million times over for her to stay away from the bad younger brother, so she always kept her distance and politely called him “He Tongxue 3 .”

However, he was far more difficult to get along with than He Yuguang. He merely replied “Hm” to her greetings or wouldn’t respond at all and brushed past her.

Maybe it was because she started to understand love, or maybe it was because her heart became more appreciative of everyday things, but starting from the first year of high school, her feelings for He Yuguang started to change.

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