Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 1000 - Hug (15)
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 1000 - Hug (15)
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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With the car stopped, Han Zhifan glanced into the villa’s courtyard through the car window.

It was late at night, so the people inside should be asleep by now. There were no other light sources on aside from the light by the gate.

Withdrawing his gaze, Han Zhifan wanted to step on the gas and leave, but the soles of his feet couldn’t summon the strength no matter how hard he tried like he was being controlled. He struggled for a moment before finally giving up. Then he pulled out a cigarette from beside him, rolled down the car window, and started smoking.

On his third cigarette, he turned his head and looked back at the villa through the circling cloud of smoke.

He looked like he was immersed in thought as he pursed his lips while staring at the villa. Without blinking, he watched it for a long time. All of a sudden, he put out the cigarette and pushed the car door open. He got out and walked over to the courtyard.

The whole world was silent. It was so silent that his footsteps sounded particularly crisp.

When he walked up to the door and entered the passcode, Han Zhifan removed his shoes and tip-toed upstairs.

In the baby’s room, the wet nurse was fast asleep beside Cheng Han.

Han Zhifan stood by the door for a short while then softly shut the door. He stared in the direction of the master bedroom for a while. Then he slowly walked over.

He raised his hand to the door of the master bedroom but ended up pulling it back.

He turned around and walked over to the stairs.

The slight tread of his feet stopped again as though his pressure points had been pressed. He stood there motionlessly for a long time, but he eventually turned around again and reached out to slowly push the door open.

The bedroom was incredibly silent.

Using the light from the nightlight by the bedside table, he saw that the two-meter wide bed was empty. No one was in it.

It was the middle of the night. If Cheng Weiwan wasn’t asleep, where could she have gone? Moreover, did she not live here anymore?

Han Zhifan furrowed his brows slightly and instinctively walked out of the room. He wanted to find the housekeeper and clear things up. He turned around just as the familiar sound of a broken sob entered his ears.

His body tensed up as he instinctively paused. Then he heard another sad sob and forcefully balled up his fists.

He stood with his back against his bedroom for a while then slowly turned around and looked towards the source of the sound.

It was coming from the balcony.

The curtains were pulled, and she was obscured by the outer portion of the curtain, so it was no wonder why he hadn’t seen her.

Han Zhifan struggled for a while. He gulped and walked over to the balcony.

When he lifted the curtains, he glanced at her hunched near the window sill.

She must’ve been afraid of crying out loud, so she forcefully bit the back of her hand. There were big teardrops rolling down endlessly on her face.

She didn’t know if it was because of the cold midnight breeze or if she cried too painfully, but her neck shrunk back and her body shivered endlessly. She looked pitiful.

It felt like something was crushing Han Zhifan’s heart. The pain almost made him bend over.

Before he could think things through, his hand gently pushed open the glass doors to the balcony.

She didn’t notice him until he walked up to her. She raised her head and sluggishly realized who he was then she looked at him.

Her eyes were incredibly red and the tears brimming in her eyes were falling down her face.

Han Zhifan’s balled-up hands became even tenser.

Her reactions were a little slow. It took her a while to recognize him before the apparent shock and defensiveness rose from her eyes.

She knew he knew she was crying because when she sensed his presence, she instinctively lowered her head. Just as she shifted, Han Zhifan reached out and grabbed her arm. Then he pulled her up from the floor and swung her into his arms.

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