Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 1002 - Cut Off (2)
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 1002 - Cut Off (2)
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Han Zhifan figured that night was just a mistake and something like this would never happen again.

But that thought lasted no more than twelve hours. At the hospital, three hours after Cheng Han was sent to the hospital, he saw a pale-faced and restless Cheng Weiwan who hadn’t eaten. He couldn’t help but walk up to her and grab her arm. “Come on. Let’s go get something to eat.”

“I’m not hungry…” declined Cheng Weiwan in a quiet voice.

“You have to eat even if you’re not hungry!” fiercely replied Han Zhifan. He then turned and glanced over at her before softly saying, “Dr. Luo told me the success rate of the operation is very high. What’s more, he personally asked his teacher to help, so there shouldn’t be any problems.”

Cheng Weiwan was still torn as she thought about how to decline his offer.

Han Zhifan didn’t wait for her to speak before speaking out, “Let’s go…”

With that said, Han Zhifan forcefully dragged Cheng Weiwan to the elevators.

There were some cuts that couldn’t be closed once they were opened; they just seemed to open up even wider.

Han Zhifan felt like he was in a trance. After Cheng Han’s successful operation, he not only initiated conversation with Cheng Weiwan time and time again when Cheng Han stayed in the hospital, he wasn’t even in a rush to kick her out of the villa when Cheng Han was discharged and returned home. Instead, he did many things even he felt were unbelievable.

For example, he finished work early one day and came back home to find Cheng Weiwan with Cheng Han in the toy room, assembling a new toy the housekeeper recently bought Cheng Han. Cheng Weiwan was a woman, after all, so she didn’t know much about things like planes and cars, and she couldn’t assemble them no matter how hard she tried. As a child, Cheng Han was impatient and kept on rushing Cheng Weiwan to the point where he looked like he was going to cry. Just then, Han Zhifan happened to walk past the door and saw this scene. He hesitated for a moment then walked in and told Cheng Weiwan, “Let me do it.” Ignoring Cheng Weiwan’s stunned expression, he sat down then started to take a look at it. These kinds of things were no problem for him, so after no more than half a minute later, he reached out and started to ask Cheng Weiwan for several parts of the car. Not long after, the toy was assembled. Cheng Han hugged it happily and started to play with it. When Han Zhifan was about to get up and leave, he caught a glimpse of Cheng Weiwan’s bloody fingertips. He figured she might’ve hurt herself while trying to assemble the toy, so he grabbed her hand and put a band-aid on her fingers. She didn’t fight back, but throughout it all, he could sense her gaze upon him. She watched in confusion, but she didn’t dare ask.

Another example was when he learned morning runs were very effective in treating depression. Every day, he woke up and called her and Cheng Han to work out. Cheng Han had only just had the operation, so he couldn’t really work out, so Han Zhifan carried Cheng Han on his shoulders. Cheng Weiwan wasn’t very good at sports, so she always slumped to the ground quickly. Cheng Han turned his head and endlessly called for her. She couldn’t catch up, but Han Zhifan couldn’t help but slow down his pace. One day, after their morning run, Han Zhifan noticed there were a lot of cars on their way back home and Cheng Weiwan wasn’t looking where she was going, so he even reached his hand out and held hers.

No matter if he was in the office during the day or at home during the night, he started to be in a better mood. However, nobody knew that when he reached the office, he would think back on the things that happened with her at home and somehow, he struggled back and forth between torn thoughts.

After much difficulty, he calmed his thoughts and immersed himself with work. However, not too long after, it was time to get off work.

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