Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 1004 - Cut Off (4)
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 1004 - Cut Off (4)
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Han Zhifan thought about it for a while but gave up when he couldn’t remember when this started.

Han Zhifan went back to the main bedroom and took off his blazer as he searched for a light-colored lounge outfit.

Before he left the changing room, he picked up the suit he changed out of, intending to take out the phone and wallet from his pocket. Incidentally, he touched a square box.

Han Zhifan paused for a moment then pulled out the box.

It was the bracelet he bought in the shopping mall on his way back home.

He never thought about giving her a birthday present, but after he realized that today was her birthday, he bought one anyway. He’d have to gift it to her at some point, right?

Han Zhifan thought about it deeply for a moment then put the box back into his pocket. Then he quickly pulled out his phone and wallet and chucked the suit in the laundry basket. He strode out the bedroom door.

The door to the baby’s room was opened, and he could hear the faint sound of Cheng Weiwan telling Cheng Han a bedtime story.

The tone of her voice was warm and gentle and made him sound at ease.

Han Zhifan stood in the hallway and listened for a while. Completely unbeknownst to him, he felt a sense of enjoyment creeping in his heart.

Cheng Weiwan read two fairytales to Cheng Han, but Cheng Wasn’t sleepy and he asked for a third.

After speaking for so long, it was difficult to avoid feeling a little uncomfortable. Han Zhifan could hear Cheng Weiwan’s voice turning hoarse, and he couldn’t help but walk over to the baby’s room.

He wanted to tell her to go downstairs to drink a glass of water and ask to take over telling his son a bedtime story.

However, he heard the housekeeper saying, “Mr. Han…” after taking no more than two steps towards the baby’s room.

Han Zhifan stopped.

The housekeeper sped up as she walked upstairs. Soon after, she reached him and cried out again, “Mr. Han…”

Han Zhifan didn’t say anything. Having worked for him for so many years, he could tell from the housekeeper’s expression that she had something to tell him.

The housekeeper heard the commotion coming from the baby’s room and took a glance inside. Perhaps she was afraid other people would hear her, so she suppressed the volume of her voice. “Mr. Han, next Tuesday will be the anniversary of Miss’ death. Take a look at Miss’ things and I’ll prepare them for you, or would you rather personally make the preparations?”

Han Zhifan’s face suddenly froze over a little.

Time really did fly! At the blink of an eye, Lili had been gone for another year now… Her corpse and bones were long gone, but the person who killed her lived happily in this world…

Just as Han Zhifan had that thought, the sound of Cheng Weiwan’s warm laughter came from the baby’s room.

Han Zhifan’s hands instinctively balled into fists.

Not only did he not get revenge on the person who killed Lili, but his daughter also lived peacefully in his home… His home… And she was laughing…

It seemed like Han Zhifan was hit on the head with a bat as he felt extremely dizzy. Then he completely woke up from the shock.

Lately, he had been seduced or under some kind of spell, because time and time again, he treated his enemy’s daughter so well. And he actually forgot about Lili, who was killed so tragically!

In an instant, Han Zhifan was annoyed and blamed himself.

The housekeeper sensed something strange about Han Zhifan’s expression and cautiously cried, “Mr. Han?”

Han Zhifan glanced at the housekeeper when he heard her voice. His gaze was unbelievably cold.

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