Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 101
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 101
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 101: How About You Choose to Marry Me? (1)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

That year, grandma was particularly busy with work, so Ji Yi often stayed at the He family’s house for long hours. He Bomu 1 specially prepared a room for her where she sometimes fell asleep on the desk while doing her homework. Whenever she woke up, there’d be a blanket pulled over her or some snacks sitting on her textbook.

They were always her favorite snacks and they tended to be the snacks she rambled on about to He Yuguang two days earlier. Two days later, they’d appear in front of her.

She only told He Yuguang those things, so naturally, she thought He Yuguang secretly bought them for her.

At first, she didn’t really think much of it until one night when she struggled with math questions for her monthly exam. She went home to complain to He Yugugang that the homework for senior high was really hard. Not long after, her textbook was filled with circles around all the important studying points.

That point onwards, her heart started to change little-by-little. Whenever she saw He Yuguang, her face flushed, her heart raced, and she couldn’t help but think about him just before she fell asleep at night.

Later on, when she was harassed by Sun Zhang, she instinctively thought of He Yuguang.

He Yuguang wasn’t in good health so he couldn’t directly help her, but he helped her by asking He Jichen, who she wasn’t close with.

She could never forget that afternoon when she stood in front of everyone on the sports field and accepted Sun Zhang’s hundred apologies as everyone watched.

Even though she knew He Jichen only helped her because of He Yuguang, she still went to find He Jichen after school that day to thank him.

He Yuguang was afraid she’d be bullied in the future, so he deliberately asked He Jichen to take good care of her in school.

When she found out, she was filled with happiness since the boy of her dreams cared for her this much.

Even though grandma warned her over and over again to stay away from He Jichen, she still made friends with He Jichen since he was He Yuguang’s younger brother and he took care of her in school on He Yuguang’s behalf.

At the time, He Jichen treated her really well. Though he had a bad temper, nobody in school dared to mess with him and he never got angry at her.

The only time they ever got into an argument was because of Qian Ge.

Qian Ge liked him, so she helped set her up to meet him in the grove. Maybe it was because he didn’t like Qian Ge so after that, he fell out with her. He ignored her for several days.

At the time, she was noticeably upset because without knowing, she had started to view him like her most important friend. She even went to apologize to He Jichen.

She kept her teenage crush a secret in her heart, and she never thought to confess.

That was the plan until the week before college entrance exams, when she drank too much at their class party. Her head ached so hard that she wanted to go home, so she sent He Yuguang a text.

When she came out of the washroom, she saw He Yuguang standing outside. She shot him a dazzling smile and staggered over.

Actually, she wanted to call He Yuguang “Yuguang” or “He Yuguang” for a long time now. She was done calling him “Yuguang Gege”—it always made her feel like she was his little sister.

That day, she took the opportunity to call him by his actual name since she was drunk. Although she wasn’t entirely sure if she had since she lost consciousness.

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