Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 1014 - Departure (4)
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 1014 - Departure (4)
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Han Zhifan never imagined that with his fury, he would actually do such a thing to Cheng Weiwan.

He hated Cheng Weiguo and that hatred was deep-rooted enough to drag her, Cheng Weiguo’s daughter, into it.

He personally saw her watching her own father’s interview late at night, and he saw the messages she sent to her father, so he should’ve smashed her phone and thrown her out of his villa. In fact, he could’ve torn her up with his bare hands and sliced her into a million pieces to pacify the hatred in his heart. In his mind, he thought up many ways to use her to get revenge. However, he stared and stared at her in anger then decided upon a solution even he found unbelievable.

He woke up the instant he put his lips on hers. He wanted to stop, but the softness of her lips made him instinctively unable to help himself.

He clearly felt his s**ual desire quickly replacing all the anger in his body. It filled his chest and caused the blood to course through his entire body.

In actuality, he wasn’t short of women, but he’d only ever been with her. Before he came home, Lin Na tried her hardest to seduce him, but he wasn’t interested. In fact, he even thought of her as a little annoying. No matter if it was then or now, Cheng Weiwan was the only one who could easily get him excited.

Since he let her live in his house, he hadn’t touched her once. However, when they slept in the same bed, he often got excited and had to stop his urges.

Perhaps he wasn’t torturing her because he was angry. Moreover, perhaps it was because he truly wanted to get intimate with her, so he used his anger and alcohol to quench the thirst in his heart.

Han Zhifan knew he couldn’t stop, or maybe he just didn’t want to stop. He hovered over her lips then forcefully spread her lips and teeth and started to kiss her wildly.

She fought back, but her strength was nothing compared to his. He easily tore the clothes off her body. He stared at her pale skin and red eyes as one of his hands traveled up her body. His lips couldn’t help but trail down from the corner of her mouth, onto her neck.

She fought frantically. While drunk, Han Zhifan’s patience was terrible. He held both her wrists with one hand and kept them on top of her head as his face explored her body even deeper.

She twisted her body, still trying to avoid him. However, it made him even more impulsive as he couldn’t help but quickly strip off his clothes and use his hand to spread her legs.

Having not uttered a word all along, she started to plead for him not to do it. He furrowed his brows slightly. Under the influence of alcohol, he entered her body neither roughly nor gently. Perhaps he hurt her because he heard her let out a grunt before she instantly fell silent.

She probably felt there was no use in fighting back and pleading with him. She didn’t let out another peep nor did she fight back in the slightest.

How could this count as s**? At most, only one person was in ecstasy – him. But that was it. However, by the time it ended, he still felt an immense joy.

He felt like it wasn’t enough. In no hurry to pull out from her body, he laid on top of her in a daze for a while. After he got excited again, he continued to penetrate her, regardless of whether she was willing or not.

It wasn’t clear just how many times he came; maybe it was three times or maybe it was four times.

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