Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 1021 - Heartache (1)
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 1021 - Heartache (1)
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Lin Sheng, who hadn’t quite woken up, instantly woke up. He sluggishly got up. “What happened?”

As his words fell, Han Zhifan heard the rustling sound of clothes from the other side.

Han Zhifan was stunned by Lin Sheng’s anxious response. After a short while, he realized that he overreacted first, causing Lin Sheng to react like that…

After realizing that, Han Zhifan realized that his heart was racing. His fingers around the phone trembled slightly.

Han Zhifan felt like he had been hit on the head with a bat. His mind instantly went blank.

“Just what in the hell happened?” Lin Sheng got dressed, grabbed his car keys, and prepared to leave the house. However, seeing as Han Zhifan didn’t say anything more over the phone and he didn’t get to the point, Lin Sheng couldn’t help but rush him.

Han Zhifan didn’t listen to Lin Sheng. The thoughts in his mind lingered over his realization from earlier.

Lin Sheng thought Han Zhifan was just at a loss for words, so he exclaimed, “I’ll be at the garage right away. Are you at home? I’ll come over right now. Let’s talk then…”

He stepped out of the elevator then rushed over to his car. Lin Sheng pulled the car door open, entered the car, then started the car up as he continued talking on the phone. “…I have to drive, so I gotta go. See you soon.”

With that said, Lin Sheng didn’t wait for Han Zhifan’s response then hung up the phone and tossed it on the front passenger seat. He stepped on the gas and sped off.

*Doot doot doot* rang the busy tone in Han Zhifan’s ear for a long time before he realized Lin Sheng hung up the phone.

He put down the phone and ignored the housekeeper, who was sitting to the side. Then he took two steps back and fell onto the sofa, distracted.

He really was afraid she got into an accident… What’s more, he’d never felt this kind of fear and panic before…

The answer seemed like it was about to come out, but Han Zhifan didn’t dare to face it.

The housekeeper realized something was wrong with Han Zhifan. Although she was confused about why Mr. Han called Mr. Lin without saying anything and reacted like this, she still comforted Han Zhifan. “Mr. Han, are you alright?”

Han Zhifan sat motionlessly on the sofa and stared up at the crystal chandelier on the ceiling without the slightest reaction.

The housekeeper was worried, so she couldn’t help but move her lips. However, before she could speak, there was a sound at the door.

The housekeeper hurriedly changed tracks and ran over to the door. Just as she reached the entrance, the door was pushed open. Cheng Weiwan, who they had lost contact with for half a day, walked in.

“Miss Cheng, you’re finally back?!” The housekeeper was pleasantly surprised as she welcomed Cheng Weiwan. “Miss Cheng, where are you going? You didn’t pick up the phone. You almost got me worried sick…”

As the housekeeper chattered away, she helped Cheng Weiwan grab her slippers.

After Cheng Weiwan put on the slippers, the housekeeper followed Cheng Weiwan around the house while speaking. “Miss Cheng, have you eaten? Are you hungry? Would you like me to cook something for you right now?”

Cheng Weiwan had her head lowered ever since she walked into the house. Just then, she shook her head at the housekeeper.

She wanted to say No thanks.” In the end, before she could manage to say those two words, she caught a glimpse of Han Zhifan sitting on the sofa from the corner of her eye.

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