Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 1023 - Heartache (3)
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 1023 - Heartache (3)
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Cheng Han just had his operation not too long ago, so after Lin Sheng got a call from Han Zhifan’s housekeeper, the first thought that popped to mind was that something happened to Cheng Han.

As he called Dr. Luo, he turned the car around and rushed over to Dr. Luo’s house.

When he reached Dr. Luo’s place, Dr. Luo, who received Lin Sheng’s call in advance, grabbed his medical kit and was already waiting at the gates of his residential area.

Dr. Luo got in the car. Before he could even put on his seatbelt, Lin Sheng stepped on the gas.

The car just reached Han Zhifan’s courtyard when the housekeeper heard some movement and opened the front door.

The car came to a steady stop, and Lin Sheng and Dr. Lyo practically got out of the car at the same time. They didn’t even bother to greet the housekeeper as they walked into the house. They removed their shoes and walked up the stairs.

On the way, Lin Sheng told Dr. Luo his suspicions. Both of them thought Han Zhifan was so worried because of Cheng Han.

So after they reached the second floor, they both headed to the baby’s room by chance.

But before the two of them could reach the room, they heard Han Zhifan’s footsteps. Through the open bedroom door, which they happened to pass, Han Zhifan cried out, “Here.”

Lin Sheng and Dr. Luo’s footsteps came to a stop at the same time.

After Lin Sheng heard the sound of Han Zhifan’s voice, he instinctively wanted to ask,”Did something happen to Hanhan?” However, before he could ask, he saw Cheng Weiwan lying on the bed.

Lin Sheng suddenly shut his mouth, wanting to say something, but he gulped back the words.

Dr. Luo stepped into the bedroom and put his medical kit on the bedside table. He reached out and felt Cheng Weiwan’s pulse.

Lin Sheng waited until Dr. Luo gave Cheng Weiwan a shot, prescribed some medicine, and walked out of the bedroom before shifting from his position in front of the bedroom door.

Han Zhifan personally saw Dr. Luo out and arranged for the housekeeper to take him back home.

Lin Sheng didn’t follow him, but he stood at the bedroom door like before. He stared at Cheng Weiwan lying down.

Not long after, Han Zhifan came back.

Lin Sheng shot a glance at Han Zhifan. From Lin Sheng’s expression, Han Zhifan knew Lin Sheng wanted to ask him something. He wasn’t in a hurry to talk to Lin Sheng, but instead, he reached out and shut the bedroom door. Then he pointed at the study as if to signal Lin Sheng to go over with him.

After entering the study, Han Zhifan pointed at the sofa. Before Han Zhifan could utter the word “Sit”, Lin Sheng shut the study door and spoke up first. “You were so anxious tonight and called me just because of her?”

Han Zhifan sat on the sofa without replying to Lin Sheng’s question. Instead, he spoke up again: “Sit.”

Lin Sheng didn’t sit. Instead, he stared at Han Zhifan and continued to ask, “So was it because of her?”

Han Zhifan lowered his eyelids.

“Han Zhifan…”

Lin Sheng spoke again. He only called Han Zhifan’s name, but Han Zhifan said, “You were right…”

Han Zhifan’s sudden response was completely unrelated to what Lin Sheng said. “What?” asked Lin Sheng in confusion.

Han Zhifan didn’t make another sound.

“What are you saying? What do you mean by ‘You were right’?”

Lin Sheng noticed Han Zhifan still wasn’t showing signs of speaking, so his brows couldn’t help but furrow. Impatient, Lin Sheng wanted to say more, but Han Zhifan finally moved his lips again. “…I’m not me anymore…”

Lin Sheng didn’t understand. He was so impatient that he sounded a little irritated. “What the hell? What do you mean by you aren’t you? If you aren’t you, then who are you?”

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