Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 1024 - Heartache (4)
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 1024 - Heartache (4)
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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This time, Han Zhifan didn’t stay quiet and he quickly spoke up again.

But it didn’t sound like he was speaking to Lin Sheng. It sounded like he was muttering to himself as he said, “…not the same me as I once was…”

His voice was a little quiet, so Lin Sheng couldn’t hear him clearly. “Hm?” grunted Lin Sheng.

It seemed like Han Zhifan hadn’t heard what Lin Sheng said as he remained silent.

It seemed like he was thinking about something. After a while, he turned his head and looked out the window.

Yes… What Lin Sheng recently said in his office was right… He was no longer the him from back then who only wanted revenge… Even if his heart always told himself she was the daughter of his enemy and he wouldn’t fall in love with her, his heart betrayed him long ago. Silently, he had long fallen for her body.

Maybe he had already been moved two years ago and he had already instinctively fallen for her then. However, he didn’t dare face the truth, nor was he willing to accept the truth, so he mercilessly chose to cut all ties with her two years ago.

He wanted to abort the child. He brought a woman home to make her think they were intimate. He was harsh and relentless. It looked like he wasn’t giving her a chance at all, but in reality, he didn’t want to give himself a chance.

After she completely disappeared from his world, he didn’t let himself think about her. He always assumed he had forgotten about her, but today, he realized he hadn’t forgotten about her at all. He just hadn’t dared to think about her.

After they reunited, he found out she had a son. Rather than tell her that he wanted her to suffer, he hated that she broke the facade he worked so hard to create of forgetting about her.

He repeatedly said he wouldn’t allow her to see his son, but when he saw her with other men, he was pissed off. He was confused when he saw her outside the hospital. He had done many, many things that he couldn’t explain himself, like allowing her to see his son for one day if she slept with him once, like letting her stay at his house and not letting her leave when she wanted… His actions gave him away a long time ago. However, he still tricked himself into thinking he couldn’t possibly fall in love with her. She was the daughter of his enemy and he wanted to make her live a life worse than hell…

Until today, when she couldn’t be contacted. He drove all around Beijing, looking for her but unable to find her. He was afraid and panicked. He couldn’t fool himself with that act any longer…

The scene that he was most unwilling to face had finally arrived. He realized he had fallen in love with her… He fell in love with the biological daughter of the culprit behind his biological sister’s death.

“Han Zhifan?” cried Lin Sheng several times. Seeing as he looked so unconcerned, he couldn’t help but walk up to him, reach out and pat his shoulder.

Han Zhifan was forced to snap out of his thoughts.

“What were you just muttering about? What do you mean you’re not you? You’re not possessed, right?” Lin Sheng noticed Han Zhifan looking over and repeated everything he said once more.

Han Zhifan ignored all of Lin Sheng’s questions and fell into a trance for a while. “Lin Sheng, help me investigate something…” he said with a flat tone of voice.

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