Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 1032 - A Joke (3)
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 1032 - A Joke (3)
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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“For some reason, one of them favored Cheng Weiwan. He wasn’t really into her – he just wanted to mess around.”

“Cheng Weiwan rejected him. One night, the group stopped her on her way back from the library to her dorm.”

“Several of them were a little drunk and made a move on Cheng Weiwan. They even tried to drag her to KTV. At the same time, Cheng Weiguo passed by and didn’t interfere…”

“That woman told me not to believe what Cheng Weiguo says about how much he takes care of his family, how he raised his only daughter after his wife passed away, and how difficult it is to act as both parents at the same time. In reality, it’s all fake. Cheng Weiguo never really cared about his daughter!”

“Cheng Weiguo gave birthday gifts to people he wasn’t even close to. However, he never even gave his biological daughter birthday wishes on her birthday, let alone a gift.”

“That woman also said Cheng Weiguo only thinks about himself. He’s never thought about Cheng Weiwan and in his eyes, if he could turn back time, he wouldn’t have his daughter to begin with. There was one time at college when Cheng Weiwan called Cheng Weiguo on the phone. They all heard Cheng Weiguo say that the biggest regret in his life was having a daughter like her.”

“If that wasn’t enough, Cheng Weiguo showed the cruelest side of himself to Cheng Weiwan. What’s most cruel was…”

Lin Sheng, who had been speaking non-stop, suddenly stopped there.

It seemed like he was hesitant about whether or not he should continue.

From when he started until now, Han Zhifan hadn’t uttered a word, but seeing as he was conflicted, Han Zhifan flatly said, “Say it. It’s okay.”

Lin Sheng pursed his lips for a moment then after a while, he continued, “…what’s cruelest was three years ago, after you broke up with her, Cheng Weiguo found out she got pregnant out of wedlock and gave her a call.”

“That was the first time Cheng Weiguo called her. The woman who told me about it said she was right next to Cheng Weiwan at the time. She said Cheng Weiwan was really happy and so excited to take the call that her fingers trembled.”

“However, after she took the call, Cheng Weiwan was only able to cry out ‘Dad’ before Cheng Weiguo started yelling at her. Cheng Weiguo called her shameless, called her a whore, and basically yelled every nasty thing in the book. He even warned her to abort the child over the phone!”

“She didn’t want to do it, so she collided with Cheng Weiguo. That was the first time she ever clashed with Cheng Weiguo. Cheng Weiguo was p*ssed. Right there, he said they were no longer father and daughter, and she was never allowed to mention him!”

“The woman that after Cheng Weiwan hung up, she looked just fine. She told them she had something to do and left first, but the woman noticed something was wrong. She secretly followed her and saw Cheng Weiwan hiding in an isolated corner, crying and heartbroken, all alone.”

After reporting everything he learned, Lin Sheng lifted his head and looked over at Han Zhifan.

He was sitting at the desk with a calm expression on his face. It looked like he hadn’t heard a thing that was just said.

The office fell silent for a while before Lin Sheng spoke up again. “She’s Cheng Weiguo’s daughter. You said you wanted her to live a life worse than death, which was equivalent to making Cheng Weiguo live a life worse than death. You even said you wanted Cheng Weiguo to taste the pain and agony that Han Zhili’s death brought to you. But…”

As Lin Sheng said this, he remembered what he helped Han Zhifan do to Cheng Weiwan. All of sudden, he couldn’t quite continue.

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