Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 1034 - A Joke (5)
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 1034 - A Joke (5)
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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“Cheng Weiwan’s mother started to leave her at home alone from a very young age.”

“Cheng Weiwan’s mother… during the second year of elementary school, she passed away from an illness.”

Han Zhifan’s parents passed away when he was young, leaving him and Lili to fend for themselves too. He was far too familiar with feeling helpless, but he still had his little sister to keep him company. But what about her? She was alone… Even though her father was alive, it was like he wasn’t…

As that thought flashed across Han Zhifan’s mind, the vision of little Cheng Weiwan calling Cheng Weiguo, full of anticipation, to ask if he could come to the school played out before his eyes. He imagined her asking him to help with parent’s day, getting rejected by Cheng Weiguo, hanging up the phone in disappointment, and crying in secret.

It felt like Han Zhifan’s heart was being violently clutched as he felt a raw pain rising in his chest.

He knew he shouldn’t think back to what Lin Sheng said, but he couldn’t help himself. As those words bore endlessly in his ears, image after image formed in his mind.

The image of little Cheng Weiwana looking helpless with wide eyes as kids her age called her mute.

The image of her lonely and helpless, alone in the hospital at eighteen years old, when she got into that car accident.

The image of her turning a blind eye to how her own father was friendly with all the other students.

The image of her timidly giving Cheng Weiguo a call to ask for tuition money.

The image of her being bullied by guys and Cheng Weiguo ignoring it as he walked by.

He figured that Cheng Weiwan must’ve been devastated by her biological father’s coldness more than the guys from college bullying her, right?

It was no wonder he felt she was a little defensive when he first approached her. So as it turned out, she’d never felt warmth in this world.

He thought she would be really hard to get and he created so many schemes to win her over. However, who would’ve thought he would be able to get her with his very first scheme.

Back then, he couldn’t help but feel delighted inside. He thought he was incredibly charming and that she was really stupid and easy to fool. Now, he finally understood that it wasn’t because he was incredibly charming, nor was it because she was really stupid and easy to fool. Instead, it was because nobody had ever treated her well. He was the first. She was defensive at first because she didn’t dare accept it. After she truly accepted it ,she clung onto the thought of them lasting forever.

She must’ve liked the night she gave herself to him, right? She must’ve felt that something beautiful had finally happened to lonely old her.

Instead, she was set up.

He mercilessly abandoned her and forced her to abort her child without a moment’s hesitation. Then without getting soft-hearted, he brought a woman back and acted intimate with her just for Cheng Weiwan to watch…

Time and time again, he crossed her bottom line. He shattered one fantasy after another in her heart.

The mother who loved her left her very, very early.

Her biological father completely hurt her.

And him… She thought she had finally met someone good when all along, she was still being pushed toward hell.

It was no wonder she was depressed; it was no wonder she couldn’t live without Hanhan; it was no wonder she couldn’t fall sleep even when it was late at night…

In the very beginning, he clearly got close to her because of Lili.

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