Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 1036 - A Joke (7)
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 1036 - A Joke (7)
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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For some reason, Han Zhifan suddenly remembered how Cheng Weiwan sent him a parcel to return her key to his apartment in Yongyu Gardens. Inside, there was a note which read: “I heard you’re with someone new. From here on out, I’m the hero who will fight the battles and bleed everywhere.”

It felt like Han Zhifan’s heart was stabbed by a knife as the pain stifled his breathing for a good while and his mind started spinning again.

No. He was never with someone new, and he never fought battles and bled for another woman…

He had an ulterior motive, but his whole life, he’d only ever had one woman – her.

If he told her all this, would she forgive him…? Would she believe him…? Would she be willing to be with him?

But he hurt her so deeply. How could he talk about love with her?

But no matter how embarrassed he was, he was sincerely and whole-heartedly in love with her… But wasn’t there an old saying? “It’s never too late to get back on the right path.”

He knew he was in the wrong. He would change. He would change everything. Would she be willing to give him a chance to treat her good all over again?

He promised to himself he would be good to her, love her, and give her the best of everything in the world. He would repay everything he and other people did to her. He would never make her mad, he would never make her sad, and what’s more, he would never let her down…

Would she be willing to give him another chance and would she trust him once again?

Once, just once. Once would be enough.

With that thought, Han Zhifan suddenly got up from his office chair, scooped up his jacket and car keys, then ran out of the office and out the building.

He stepped on the gas and sped all the way back home.

There were clear handprints on his face, so when the housekeeper saw him as he walked in, she looked worried and heartbroken while she asked what happened. He ignored her as he ran up the stairs and darted into the bedroom.

She was asleep.

Han Zhifan didn’t sleep. He stayed up all night, watching over Cheng Weiwan.

After Cheng Weiwan woke up, she immediately saw Han Zhifan.

There was stubble on his chin, his eyes were red, and his face was swollen with handprints.

Cheng Weiwan was stunned when she saw Han Zhifan like that. Then she withdrew her gaze, and as usual, she didn’t say anything but silently removed the covers, climbed out of bed, and walked into the bathroom.

When she finished freshening up, Cheng Weiwan was ready to walk out of the bedroom and see Hanhan.

She thought Han Zhifan wouldn’t speak to her. She never imagined that when she reached the door, Han Zhidan would cry out to her. “Wanwan.”

He called her “Wanwan” in the exact same tone he used when she thought he loved her.

Cheng Weiwan stood with her back to Han Zhifan for a while then turned her head to look over at him.

She didn’t say anything.

Han Zhifan gulped and said, “Can we talk?”

Cheng Weiwan was a little lost for what to do about Han Zhifan’s sudden change in attitude.

She thought he was playing some kind of trick, so she didn’t dare accept or decline his proposal.

“Are you hungry? Do you want to eat breakfast first then talk?”

Han Zhifan spoke again to let Cheng Weiwan know he was serious. She shook her head.

“Then sit down first.” Han Zhifan point to the side of the bed.

Cheng Weiwan didn’t sit.

Han Zhifan gulped again. It seemed like he was afraid to be disturbed, so he walked over to the bedroom door and locked it from the inside. Then he turned around and faced Cheng Weiwan.

She didn’t sit, nor did he.

He stared at her eyes for a while then said, “Wanwan, can we still go back to how things were?”


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