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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 104
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 104: How About You Choose to Marry Me? (4)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Seeing as Ji Yi didn’t reply for a long time, He Yuguang grabbed the phone back and tapped, “After your problem has been solved, we can get a divorce at any time.”

“I’ve also been wracking my brain over this problem lately. When I overheard your phone call just now, that gave me this idea. Of course, you don’t have to give me an answer right away, but think about it and let me know…”

That night, Ji Yi couldn’t sleep. She laid there in bed tossing and turning all night long, then finally, she agreed to He Yuguang’s proposition.

All those people going on blind dates with her actually wanted to get married, but He Yuguang’s fake marriage was perfect for her. Above all else, she was strapped for time, so if she kept hesitating, her role in Director Liang’s movie would probably be filled. Most importantly, she knew He Yuguang’s background extremely well—she didn’t need to worry about getting into any danger while married to him.

Soon after Ji Yi sent He Yuguang a text agreeing to marry him, He Yuguang came looking for her.

He brought her to a photo studio to take wedding photos, then he asked for her digital signature and told her he already contacted someone at the registry office in Sucheng. All he had to do was go on his own to register the marriage.

The He family had a lot of power in Sucheng, so it wasn’t difficult for him to register the marriage without her having to go in person. What’s more, it saved her from having to take a day off from school to go all the way to Sucheng, so after seeing Hu Yuguang’s text, Ji Yi unhesitatingly handed He Yuguang her passport for him to sort it all out.

Five days later, Ji Yi received a package from Sucheng. She opened it. Besides the passport she’d given He Yuguang, there was also a red marriage certificate. She opened it to see a photo of her and He Yuguang with the following names written under it: He Yuguang, Ji Yi.

Ji Yi stared at the marriage certificate for some time then grabbed her phone and sent He Yuguang a text: “Yuguang Ge, I got your package.”

After a long while, she got a reply: “Dad and mum aren’t in the country right now. I’ll wait till they come back to China then we can go back to Sucheng to see them.”

Her marriage was originally meant to get her out of Qian Ge’s trap. She hadn’t thought about how long she had to keep up the act, so she never thought to let her parents know.

If He Bomu 1 and He Bofu 2 knew she and He Yuguang got married, the first thing they’d do would be to contact her parents. Since they weren’t in the country, this saved her from having to go back and explain everything to her parents. Who knows, maybe her and He Yuguang’s marriage would be over by the time He Bomu and He Bofu came back.

At that thought, Ji Yi tapped her phone a few times then sent the text: “Got it, Yuguang Ge.”

“Got it, Yuguang Ge.”

He Jichen didn’t reply but averted his eyes to the book on the table.

On top of it were three marriage certificates laid open.

The photos on the marriage certificates were the same, but the names below it were different.

On the red book on the far left, it read: He Yugugang, Ji Yi.

But the other two red books read: He Jichen, Ji Yi.

He figured there was no way she’d figure out that he paid five hundred yuan to bribe someone to make her fake marriage certificate.

And the two marriage certificates in front of him that read “He Jichen, Ji Yi” were the real ones that got registered at the registry office.

She disliked him so much that even if it were a fake marriage, she’d never agree to marry him. However, he couldn’t watch as she got married to someone else, so the only way out was to use his older brother’s identity to trick her into marrying him.

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