Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 1042 - Afraid (3)
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 1042 - Afraid (3)
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 1042: Afraid (3)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Han Zhifan didn’t come back home for several days, nor did he go back to the office.

He turned his phone off and stayed somewhere no one could find him. He quietly, repeatedly thought back to every little thing that happened before he reappeared in everyone’s field of sight again.

After he turned his phone on, the first call he received was from his secretary. Having disappeared without a word, a lot of jobs at work were put on hold. After he hung up the phone, he first went to the office to take care of business.

By the time he finished all his work, it was already one in the afternoon of the next day.

The secretary asked him if he wanted to go to a dinner party in the evening.

He thought about it for a while but chose to decline. After the secretary left, he sat in his office in silence for a while then grabbed his car keys. He went to the underground parking lot to retrieve his car and headed back to the villa.

In the afternoon, the sunlight shining upon the villa emphasized its beauty.

Because it was the afternoon, people who had just eaten lunch must’ve been taking afternoon naps. When Han Zhifan pushed the door open and walked in, the only sound he could hear inside was the swishing sound of the air con.

Han Zhifan walked up the stairs and first took a glance at the sleeping Cheng Han. Then he walked over to the master bedroom.

He assumed Cheng Weiwan was also taking an afternoon nap, so he never imagined that after he pushed open the door, he would see her on the sofa with a book in her hands.

She was wearing a long white dress with her long black hair draped behind her head. The bright sunlight hit her body through the window and made her look unusually crisp.

Han Zhifan couldn’t help but stare at her a little longer before stepping inside.

He pushed the door open really softly. Cheng Weiwan didn’t notice someone drawing closer until the door shut and Han Zhifan took a few steps towards her. She lifted her gaze from her book and looked up at his body.

Perhaps she never thought he would come back suddenly, so she blanked out then hesitated for a moment. It was as though she was contemplating if she should say ‘hello’ to him, but in the end, she didn’t say anything. She withdrew her gaze silently and continued to read her book.

Han Zhifan didn’t speak until after he walked over to Cheng Weiwan. “Reading?”

He sounded like he was just speaking casually. Cheng Weiwan’s fingers around her book tensed up as she softly nodded and mumbled, “Mhm.”

“What kind of book are you reading?”

Cheng Weiwan didn’t reply to him but showed him the title written on the front cover.

“Oh,” said Han Zhifan then he didn’t say a word more.

He stood in front of her. Although she didn’t look at him, she could still sense his gaze.

This kind of scene made her feel uncomfortable. She couldn’t read anymore, so she figured she might as well shut her book and prepare to check on Hanhan.

It seemed like Han Zhifan knew she wanted to leave, so he asked, “Wanwan, can we talk?” before she could even move.

Cheng Weiwan froze.

Han Zhifan stared at Cheng Weiwan’s clean face for a while then said, “I want to hear you talk about how you spent the last few years after you left me.”

Cheng Weiwan pursed her lips. After a while, she calmly said, “What’s there to say? I lived one day after another.”

“Wanwan, I really want to know…”

Perhaps it was because Han Zhifan’s tone of voice sounded really serious that Cheng Weiwan nodded softly after a long pause. “Then I’ll just tell you some things about Hanhan…”

He was Hanhan’s father, so Hanhan would need to follow him in the future. It couldn’t be bad for him to know more about Hanhan. There was no telling – it might even make him love Hanhan a little more.

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