Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 1047 - Afraid (8)
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 1047 - Afraid (8)
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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It was very quiet in the bedroom. Aside from the crisp sound of Cheng Weiwan turning the page every so often, nothing else was heard.

After an unknown amount of time, Cheng Weiwan grew tired of reading, so she closed her book then rubbed her eyes. She was about to go into the bathroom then sleep when she heard the drunken words of Han Zhifan lying on the bed before she got up. “Wanwan, Wanwan…”

Cheng Weiwan suddenly stopped.

He didn’t speak loudly but his words sounded unusually clear in the silent room.

He repeatedly cried her name before he finally said different words: “Sorry, sorry, sorry…”

Like a broken record, he repeated that one word over and over again.

Cheng Weiwan’s fingers couldn’t help but curl and clutch onto her sleeves.

“Wanwan, I’m sorry…”

“I’m sorry, Wanwan…”

His voice drilled into her ears once again and made her heart start to tremble slightly.

She knew she shouldn’t be swayed. A person could screw things up, but they couldn’t do it time and time again. However, with the person you loved, how could you really screw things up?

Despite being swayed, it was nothing more than that.

She could never be with him.

She couldn’t be with him or anyone else.

So, she couldn’t be confused again just by his sleep talking.

Cheng Weiwan thought about it then got up and walked into the bathroom.

After coming out of the bathroom, she heard Han Zhifan’s muttering once again. “Wanwan, I’m sorry. Sorry, Wanwan…”

Cheng Weiwan stopped her footsteps and stood at the bathroom door. After she heard Han Zhifan repeatedly saying those words, she turned around and walked over to the balcony.

Cheng Weiwan waited until after Han Zhifan went completely quiet before she walked back to the bedroom from the balcony.

When she laid in bed, she had nothing on her mind, yet she felt her mind was in complete chaos. She stared up at the ceiling for a long time and didn’t shut her eyes until the sky outside was bright.

She didn’t know if she was influenced by Han Zhifan’s sleep talking, but Cheng Weiwan hadn’t slept well. Not long after falling asleep, she woke up.

Cheng Weiwan sat up and saw the bathroom door being pulled open. Han Zhifan walked out drying his wet hair with a towel, fully dressed in his house clothes.

Han Zhifan also saw Cheng Weiwan. He suddenly stopped drying his hair and casually said, “You’re up?”

Cheng Weiwan didn’t say anything but gently nodded at Han Zhifan. Then she removed the covers and walked into the bathroom.

When she finished freshening up and came out of the bathroom, Han Zhifan was already done drying his hair. He sat clean and fresh on the sofa, reading the morning newspaper.

Cheng Weiwan didn’t disturb him but headed right for the bedroom door, ready to check on Hanhan.

She only took two steps when Han Zhifan, who was reading the newspaper, said, “Wanwan?”

Cheng Weiwan’s footsteps came to a stop as she turned and looked over at Han Zhifan.

Han Zhifan stared at the newspaper for a moment before his gaze fell upon Cheng Weiwan. “Wanwan, if you really want to leave…”

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