Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 1056 - Swayed (7)
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 1056 - Swayed (7)
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 1056: Swayed (7)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_


“Wanwan, I see you as my closest friend in the whole world. You’re like family. I hope you’re okay, especially after watching you enduring the toughest days with my own eyes. I just hope you’ll be okay – really okay.”

“I admit that raising a child on your own can be really great, but this way of life doesn’t suit you because he’s still in your heart. Each day he’s in your heart, you can’t live a great life on your own.”

“The only reason I came to talk to you about this is because I think he’s sincere about you…”

“Muqing, that’s enough. You don’t have to say anymore.” Cheng Weiwan was a little afraid of what Lin Muqing was going to say next, so she instinctively stopped Lin Muqing.

Lin Muqing knew Cheng Weiwan wanted to run away, but before she could head upstairs, Lin Muqing was determined to not let her run away from this again.

She ignored what Cheng Weiwan had just said and continued to go on, “…He really likes you. If he wasn’t sincere, he wouldn’t have given Hanhan back to you and destroyed the contract he forced you to sign. Nor would he have signed the contract to give up Hanhan’s custody…”


Cheng Weiwan’s voice was a little high-pitched, but Lin Muqing’s voice was even more high-pitched. “Wanwan, after you left and he completely disappeared from your world, he certainly wouldn’t have chosen to quietly watch over you if he didn’t have feelings for you…”

“Wanwan, sometimes, you need a little courage to achieve happiness. As you are right now, you really need to give yourself a little courage. If you didn’t love him, that would’ve been alright, but you still do, so you can only be happy by being with him. What’s more, he’s Hanhan’s biological father. For Hanhan, I think you need to try to trust him just once…”

“Muqing… I really think I’m living very well right now. I really don’t want to change anything…”

“But Wanwan, have you thought that in a year’s time, Hanhan will go to kindergarten? Without a dad, he might get teased by kids the same age…”

Cheng Weiwan suddenly fell silent.

“I’m not using Hanhan to try to persuade you, but I think you can trust Han Zhifan just once.”

“I’m not asking you to accept Han Zhifan immediately. I just want you to stop running away and listen to my opinion as an observer. After all, outsiders can see things clearer than those involved in the situation. I really think you should try to open your heart and consider being with him again in the future…”

“Life is long, Wanwan. I really don’t want you to grow old alone. It really is a little pitiful.”

“Wanwan, I’m only saying these things for your own good. Think hard about what I said.”

“Wanwan, you should know that I hate him. After all, he got me taken into the local police station. But for you, I’m willing to not hold a grudge against him.”

“Wanwan, I’ve said everything I should have. Just think about it. It really is late, so I’m going back down to get some sleep.”

After Lin Muqing finished speaking, she looked at Cheng Weiwan, who seemed to not want to say anything. Then she turned to leave after saying, “Goodnight.”

As she heard the sound of the door gently closing, Cheng Weiwan blinked and snapped out of the daze she was in when Lin Muqing was talking.

In light of what Lin Muqing just said, Cheng Weiwan first walked into Cheng Han’s room to check up on him. Then she headed back into her own bedroom.

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