Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 1060 - Forced Marriage (1)
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 1060 - Forced Marriage (1)
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Ever since Cheng Weiwan told Han Zhifan not to keep watch over her apartment, he really hadn’t shown up again.

At first, Cheng Weiwan still checked outside her building at night. Time went by and the spot where he once stood outside her building remained empty. She gradually stopped thinking about him and the agitation she felt also slowly dissipated.

Her days became increasingly like the old days when she and Cheng Han used to live together, mutually depending on each other.

Although those peaceful days didn’t pass by considerably fast, winter had arrived without her realizing it.

It snowed in Beijing when the temperature just about reached zero degrees Celsius. One day, Cheng Weiwan made a snowman in her residential area with Cheng Han. They probably exerted too much energy while playing, because Cheng Han got tired and slept really early that night.

Cheng Weiwan was working on the ending for her new book. She wanted to publish the book before the new year, so she’d been rushing the manuscript along lately.

She felt really inspired that day, so without knowing it, Cheng Weiwan actually wrote over three thousand words.

She glanced at the time. It was pretty late and glancing at the outline, she was probably about several thousand words away from the ending. She figured she could leave it for tomorrow to write.

After shutting her laptop, Cheng Weiwan’s phone rang just as she was about to take a shower.

Very few people would call her in the middle of the night, so Cheng Weiwan walked over to the bedside from the bathroom door, bewildered.

She picked up her phone and glanced at the screen. All of a sudden, she was completely stunned like her pressure points were hit.

She was curious about who was calling, and she considered all sorts of possibilities. However, never in a million years could she imagine that the only person who would never call her was actually now calling her.

Yes. It was her father, Cheng Weiguo.

From what she could remember, this was his first time calling her…

Cheng Weiwan thought she was seeing wrong, so she forcefully blinked her eyes. That was when she realized her phone screen really was showing the word “Dad.”

Her fingers trembled as she swiped the screen to take the call. She cried out “hello” in an unbelievably shaky voice.

Perhaps it took too long for the call to be accepted because Cheng Weiguo didn’t respond for quite some time.

Cheng Weiwan suppressed the excitement in her heart and softly asked, “Did you call me to talk about something?”

“Tomorrow, at six in the evening, come by China World Hotel Beijing and let’s have dinner.”

This time, although Cheng Weiguo’s tone of voice didn’t sound considerably good, it was better than how he sounded when Cheng Weiwan used to call him before.

After he finished, he didn’t wait for her to respond and immediately hung up the phone.

Although the call lasted over ten seconds, Cheng Weiwan repeatedly checked the call logs several times afterward before she finally believed that Cheng Weiguo really had called her. He also invited her to dinner…

Cheng Weiwan couldn’t remember how many years it had been since she and Cheng Weiguo shared a meal.

With practically no hesitation at all, she decided she would make it to dinner with Cheng Weiguo the following evening.

Early in the afternoon, she took Cheng Han to Lin Muqing’s place. Then she took a shower, got changed and headed out the door early.

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She arrived early, so she went to the cafe next to the hotel and ordered a cup of tea. She waited up until the time of their meeting before she grabbed her phone and gave Cheng Weiguo a call.

In comparison to how he used to never pick up her calls, this time, things were completely different. He quickly picked up the phone.

“I’m here. Which room are you in?” asked Cheng Weiwan.

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