Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 1061 - Forced Marriage (2)
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 1061 - Forced Marriage (2)
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Cheng Weiguo gave her the room number and warmly said “See you later” before hanging up.

Cheng Weiwan held her phone in shock from Cheng Weiguo’s affection. She sat in the cafe for a while before she paid the bill. She put her things away and walked over to the China World Hotel Beijing next door.

With the attendant’s guidance, Cheng Weiwan was quickly escorted to Cheng Weiguo’s room.

The attendant pushed the door open and Cheng Weiwan stepped into the room to find that Cheng Weiguo wasn’t alone. For dinner, there was also another man who looked about the same age as Cheng Weiguo.

Cheng Weiwan was a little surprised. If Cheng Weiguo was meeting a friend, why would he invite her? He never allowed her to meet his friends before…

Cheng Weiwan was stunned for a moment before she moved her lips.

Just before she could cry out “Dad,” Cheng Weiguo spoke first. “Brother Liang, let me introduce you. This is my niece who I mentioned to you before – Cheng Weiwan. Her parents passed away when she was young, so I’ve adopted her under my name…”

Cheng Weiwan’s fingers couldn’t help but clutch her sleeves when she heard those words.

“I know she’s a talented woman. I heard she’s written quite a few books, many of which have been made into television dramas.” The man Cheng Weiguo called Brother Liang looked Cheng Weiwan up and down like he was analyzing a product. After a while, he nodded in satisfaction and said, “Not bad.”

Cheng Weiguo seemed elated by what Brother Liang said. Without getting mad at Cheng Weiwan for not taking the initiative to greet them, he blamed Cheng Weiwan in an affectionate way by saying, “What are you doing frozen there? Hurry and come say hello to Mr. Liang.”

With that said, Cheng Weiguo looked over at Mr. Liang. “Brother Liang, my niece rarely goes out and likes to stay at home alone, so she’s not very good at socializing. Nor does she really like to speak, so please forgive her.”

“No no no, I think she’s great…”

“That’s good, as long as Brother Liang likes her.”

During their conversation, Cheng Weiwan found out Brother Liang’s real name was Liang Yi. He was a big investor in a listed company. His wife passed away at the beginning of the year and he had no children.

Cheng Weiguo knew him for quite some time from what seemed like a project in which he needed an investment from Liang Yi.

The two of them didn’t go into too much detail at the dinner table, so Cheng Weiwan only knew some surface-level details.

Dinner didn’t last considerably long and it ended at half past eight.

Before Liang Yi left, he whispered a few words into Cheng Weiguo’s ear then got into the car.

Cheng Weiwan wasn’t sure what Liang Yi said, but Cheng Weiguo was very happy. He even pointed at his own car and told Cheng Weiwan, “I’ll take you home.”

Cheng Weiwan got into Cheng Weiguo’s car in disbelief.

Not long after the car drove off, Cheng Weiwan said, “Mr. Liang told me he’s very satisfied with you. Later, I’ll send him your number. Talk to him and make him happier. He’ll really marry you.”

Cheng Weiwan creased her brows.

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“Mr. Liang’s a certain age and he can’t have children. His wife didn’t leave him with children, so he was pretty happy to hear that you have a child. He says he’s willing to support you and your child, and I happen to need his investment, so no matter what, you have to marry him!”

It was only after hearing this that Cheng Weiwan came to realize that Cheng Weiguo never wanted to sincerely enjoy a meal with her. He only invited her because he had a use for her.

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