Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 1062 - Forced Marriage (3)
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 1062 - Forced Marriage (3)
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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It was only after hearing this that Cheng Weiwan came to realize that Cheng Weiguo never wanted to sincerely enjoy a meal with her. He only invited her because he had a use for her.

It was no wonder he stopped her from crying out “Dad” when she stepped into the private dining room at the restaurant and said she was his niece. At the end of the day, it was all because he thought she was an embarrassment to him. If she wasn’t useful to him, he wouldn’t let outsiders know she was his biological daughter.

The feeling of hope she had last night when talking to him and when she arrived earlier for dinner was now incredibly laughable.

Cheng Weiwan’s fingertips couldn’t help but clutch onto the handbag in her hand tightly. “You’ve always been too lazy to see me. Yesterday, you suddenly called me just because I was of use to you and I could get something even better for you. Am I right?”

From what Cheng Weiwan remembered, she’d never spoken to Cheng Weiguo in such an agitated manner before.

Instead, she’d carried anticipation in her heart time after time. In the end, she felt like she had met a hilarious end, so she really couldn’t hold it in.

“But have you ever considered that I’m your daughter and not a tool available for you to use at your every beck and call?!”

Cheng Weiguo noticed Cheng Weiwan was actually speaking to him like this and couldn’t help but furrow his brows. He instinctively wanted to get angry, but he remembered how he needed to use Cheng Weiwan, so he suppressed the anger in his mind. After a while, he spoke with a much colder voice than before. “Why are you suddenly saying these things to me? It has nothing to do with anything I’ve said.”

Cheng Weiwan really didn’t know if Cheng Weiguo truly felt she was an annoying troublemaker or if he just wasn’t bothered with her. She spoke up again because she was agitated. In the end, the brims of her eyes were filled with tears. “No? From what I see, it has everything to do with it. Since I was young, have you ever truly shared a meal with me or went out with me? You haven’t even gone out on a stroll with me, have you? Have you ever shown up on my birthday? I never understand why other people’s fathers loved their children so much, but you couldn’t. Since you don’t like children, why did you have me?”

Cheng Weiguo thought he had already been patient with Cheng Weiwan by not getting mad earlier, but now, seeing that she wasn’t backing off, his expression turned even colder. “Is this the tone of voice you use when speaking to me?! Didn’t I repeatedly tell you that I was busy? I’m not the same as other people! Look at the other fathers. Are they as successful as I am?”

“But I would rather my father be poor than to have a father this BUSY…” Cheng Weiwan specifically emphasized the word “BUSY.” He had used being busy as an excuse ever since she was little and she really believed him. Now that she’d grown up, she realized he wasn’t busy in actuality. He just didn’t care! In fact, he felt like his daughter was dragging him down.

“Enough!” Cheng Weiguo couldn’t take it anymore as his tone of voice suddenly sounded heavier. “I have no time to waste here with you arguing about this. You still have to get to know Mr. Liang. How do you know you won’t want to marry him after getting to know him?”

A mocking smile appeared on Cheng Weiwan’s lips. “Like him? Did you know that at his age, he could be my dad?!”

“Things like age aren’t a problem. What’s more, you’ve done such humiliating things. You should be happy that someone’s willing to marry you and doesn’t look down on you for having a child…”

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