Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 1069 - Return (1)
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 1069 - Return (1)
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Maybe it was because Cheng Weiguo hadn’t given up on the idea of Cheng Weiwan getting married to Mr. Liang, so this time, Cheng Weiguo quickly picked up Cheng Weiwan’s call.

Before Cheng Weiwan could speak, Cheng Weiguo said, “Why are you calling?”

Practically without giving any time for Cheng Weiwan to reply, Cheng Weiguo then added, “Mr. Liang called me today in the afternoon. Have you reconsidered marrying Mr. Liang?”

Deep down, Cheng Weiwan’s heart froze over, making her voice sound a little cold. “Where do you live? I want to see you.”

Regarding the incident with Han Zhili, Cheng Weiwan thought it would be better to speak to him in person. Over the phone, he wouldn’t just openly tell her if it was true or not; he definitely wouldn’t even talk to her about it.

Cheng Weiguo wanted to turn Cheng Weiwan away, but at the thought of Mr. Liang, he remained quiet for a short while but eventually gave Cheng Weiwan his hotel address.

After hanging up, Cheng Weiwan dropped Cheng Han off at Lin Muqing’s place and headed for Cheng Weiguo’s hotel.

Cheng Weiguo gave Cheng Weiwan his room number, so Cheng Weiwan immediately asked the lady at the front desk to activate the elevator to allow her to head upstairs.

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At Cheng Weiguo’s door, Cheng Weiwan pressed the doorbell for a long time, but nobody came to open the door.

She furrowed her brows and reached into her pocket for her phone. Then she gave Cheng Weiguo a call.

The person who picked up the call wasn’t Cheng Weiguo, but his driver.

After the call, his driver quickly emerged from the elevator with the room key to help Cheng Weiwan enter the room. “Mr. Cheng had a last-minute meeting. He’s in the hotel’s meeting room right now, so he told me to let you in first to wait for him inside.”

“Thank you,” Cheng Weiwan replied politely.

The driver didn’t stick around. He bowed at Cheng Weiwan, shut the door and left.

Cheng Weiguo’s room was very luxurious; it was the best suite in the hotel and it was at least seventy to eighty square feet in size.

Cheng Weiwan scanned the room for a moment before she ended up finding a seat by the window.

This spot was really good. Through the window, she could see over half of Beijing.

Cheng Weiwan figured Cheng Weiguo must love working at this spot while staying at this hotel. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have put his laptop and USB on the small table.

As that thought came to mind, a key point flashed across Cheng Weiwan’s mind.

She was very familiar with this USB because many years ago, Cheng Weiguo had the same USB.

She remembered that in junior high, she went to the hospital to see him because she really wanted to get closer to her father. At the time, he was in the middle of a surgery. Other doctors took her into his office. At the time, she was only young and didn’t know better, so she went snooping around his office. Back then, she found this USB, but just as she touched it, he returned from the surgery and snatched the USB away. He lectured her harshly for a while then kicked her out of the hospital.

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