Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 108
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 108
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 108: How About You Choose to Marry Me? (8)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

The past month, “The Palace” had been doing exclusively outdoor shots. As the assistant director, He Jichen needed to follow the production crew throughout. Aside from last month, when he went to Beijing as his older brother to give her the keys to the apartment, he never saw Ji Yi. So the next day, He Jichen woke up before six in the morning.

At first, He Jichen wasn’t worried until half-past six. At six fifty, He Jichen suddenly became a little worried at no sign of Ji Yi.

He waited a little while longer, but after five short minutes, He Jichen felt like he’d waited an entire century. Seeing as Ji Yi still hadn’t arrived, he sent Tang Huahua a text.

After half a minute, seeing as Tang Huahua didn’t reply, He Jichen immediately picked up the phone.

After about three rings, the phone was picked up, and out came Tang Huahua’s groggy “hello.” It was obvious she hadn’t woken up yet.

He Jichen didn’t wait for her to continue but asked urgently, “Where’s Ji Yi?”

“Ey?” Over the phone, Tang Huahua was stunned for a moment then replied, “Didn’t she leave to go to the set?”

“What time did she leave?” He Jidhen furrowed his brows.

“Five…” Tang Huahua said,

The conversation paused for a moment as she continued, “…she left at ten past five. When her phone alarm went off, it woke up me and Lin Ya. I even went to the bathro-”

Tang Huahua didn’t finish her sentence before He Jichen caught something. “Lin Ya?”

Tang Huahua always talked too much, and especially after getting compensation from He Jichen, she never left a word unsaid when she knew about something, “Yeah, Lin Ya suddenly showed up at the dorms yesterday. She told Bo He that her tutor wanted to see her early in the morning, and she was afraid she wouldn’t be able to wake up… but saying this out loud, it does seem strange. Xiao Yi left at five to go to the set, but Lin Ya also left at five something…”

The two of them left one after the other… He Jichen’s head rang out “ding!” Before Tang Huahua could finish, he hung up the phone and strode over to the parking lot.

Lin Ya suddenly returned to the dorms, and Ji Yi was late to the set today. There must be some kind of mishap there… At that thought, He Jichen’s walk turned into a run.

Since Lin Ya left after Ji Yi, she must’ve followed her.

The fact that Ji Yi isn’t on set right now must have something to do with Lin Ya!

Lin Ya couldn’t have known which taxi Ji Yi called, so the possibility of her conspiring with the taxi driver was out of the question.

So if Ji Yi did manage to get in a taxi, she would’ve definitely arrived safely on set.

Since there wouldn’t be any problems on the road, the only possibility left was that Ji Yi probably didn’t make it past the college gates!

With that thought, He Jichen pulled open the car door and got in. He didn’t even put on a seatbelt before stepping on the gas and rushing over to B-Film.

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