Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 109
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 109
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 109: How About You Choose to Marry Me? (9)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

After Lin Ya saw Ji Yi dragged into the abandoned block of classrooms, she stood there a while longer to confirm that Ji Yi was really trapped and couldn’t come out. When she was satisfied, she went back to the dorms, climbed into bed, and went back to sleep.

After sleeping for who knows how long, Lin Ya’s phone rang and woke her from her dreams.

She glanced over at her phone with groggy eyes and immediately woke up when she saw she had an incoming call.

She sat upright, scanned the room, and realized that Tang Huahua and Bo He already left. Then she swiped her phone screen and immediately picked up the call. She spoke politely and respectfully as she answered, “Hello Miss. Qian Ge.”

A second later, a gentle, pleasant voice spoke, “The thing I asked you to do… how did that go?”

“Miss Qian Ge, you can rest assured. It’s done. Two hours ago, I trapped her in the abandoned building at our college.” Lin Ya tried her best to suck up to her. “I personally saw her dragged into the building by the two men you ordered. No one usually walks around there, so as long as we don’t let her go, it won’t be a problem to keep her trapped there until noon tomorrow, let alone noon today.”

After hearing what Lin Ya had to say, Qian Ge sounded satisfied as she let out a low chuckle. “Alright, if I have anything else, I’ll contact you.”

Seeing as Qian Ge was going to hang up the phone, Lin Ya hurriedly blurted out, “Miss Qian Ge.”


Lin Ya hesitated for a moment before she stumbled to say, “Miss. Qian Ge, when you first came to me, you told me that if I helped you, you’d give me Ji Yi’s role… I want to know, have I done what was asked?”

“Oh, you’re talking about that…” After a long while, Qian Ge seemed surprised. “…Don’t worry about that—if she doesn’t get there by nine, there’s no way they can start shooting. Director Liang definitely won’t be happy. If she doesn’t get there by twelve, Director Liang will definitely find someone else. Then I’ll put in a recommendation for you. Just wait for my message.”

Lin Ya suddenly smiled. “Miss Qian Ge, thank you.”

On the other end, Qian Ge immediately hung up the phone.

The dorm fell silent again. Lin Ya put her phone down as she smirked even harder.

Even though she hadn’t benefitted from what happened at the hot spring resort, now she was about to steal Ji Yi’s role. What’s more, it was a movie by Director Liang, so it was a considerable trade for how angry Ji Yi made her back then!

At that thought, Lin Ya couldn’t help but let out a cheerful chuckle and a trace of amusement crept into her eyes. She leisurely removed the covers and was about to get out of bed to freshen up when the doors to her room were suddenly flung open with one hard kick.

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