Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 129
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 129
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 129: Keeping the Whole World in the Dark About Loving You (9)



Nobody knew just how much he wanted to tell her that the person who helped her wasn’t He Yuguang, but it was him, He Jichen.

Not only did he help her with this situation, but he also made the final decision to cast her as Little Nine.

Also, a year before she woke from her coma, he knew many people would be fighting to purchase the rights for this book, “Three Thousand Lunatics,” so he invested a large amount of money to get it.

These past two years, the only reason he hadn’t been in a rush to start production for “Three Thousand Lunatics” was only because he was waiting for her, even though he had no idea when she would wake up.

He knew that after she woke up, she wouldn’t be happy helplessly watching as Qian Ge took everything from her. Though she really was helpless, he’d never allow it. She was the only woman he loved in the world. How could he allow for her to suffer?

So, for an awfully long time now, he had already been silently paving the way for her.

In his whole life, he only had two goals: the first was being with her and the second was helping her reach her dreams.

No matter what price he had to pay, the reality was just as he told Qiange: even if Ji Yi wasn’t at her peak, he would take her there, one step at a time!

The woman he loved should be the most sensational woman in the whole world!

Though he felt this way, there was no way he could tell her these things to her face.

He was afraid to tell her that He Yuguang wasn’t really He Yuguang, but He Jichen. Seeing as she loathed him, if she found out all the great things she thought He Yuguang did for her were actually done by He Jichen, she’d cut ties between them without hesitation.

At that point, he was afraid he wouldn’t even have a chance to get close to her.

So no matter how sad or jealous he was, he still ended up forcing himself to reply with “Mmhm.”

At that thought, He Jichen averted his intense glare away from the phone screen and looked through the dense script of “Three Thousand Lunatics” on the computer screen. His eyes suddenly became overwhelmed with emotion.

The situation had progressed much faster than Ji Yi imagined.

The day before, she got a call from Cheng Weiwan then the following day, she got a call from the casting director of “Three Thousand Lunatics” to set up a time for an audition the next day.

Ji Yi flipped through her class schedule to find that she didn’t really have any important classes on Monday, so she just didn’t go to school. Instead, she stayed at home and read the script of “Three Thousand Lunatics” which she became completely engrossed with. She completely immersed herself in the world of the supporting female character.

Three days later.

Ji Yi’s audition was really successful. Less than two hours after she finished her audition, she got a call from the casting director for “Three Thousand Lunatics.”

“Miss Ji Yi, congratulations! You’ve been selected to star as our supporting actress. I am calling to ask if you have some time tonight? If possible, I hope you can sign the contract then…”

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