Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 136
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 136
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 136: Defamation is a Form of Flattery (6)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

To attend these types of events, you had to drink. Even though Ji Yi only took a sip each time after clinking glasses with each person, there were over ten people in the room, so she had quite a bit to drink. Not long after Qian Ge left, Ji Yi headed to the restroom.

As she exited the cubicle, Ji Yi walked over to the sink and turned the tap on. Just as she finished washing her hands and was about to wipe them with tissue, she heard someone from behind call out, “Xiao Yi?”

Ji Yi turned to find a middle-aged man walking over to her on his way out of the male restroom.

Though Ji Yi didn’t have a great memory, she recognized him. He was one of the main investors for “Three Thousand Lunatics” at that night’s dinner party. She couldn’t quite remember his name, but she knew his surname. Ji Yi smiled and politely said, “Mr. Lin.”

Lin Zhengyi didn’t say anything but smiled at Ji Yi who stood in front of the sink.

Ji Yi threw a tissue into the bin then prepared to say goodbye to Lin Zhengyi. As Lin Zhengyi wiped his hands, he turned to look at Ji Yi like he just remembered something and said, “If I hadn’t caught you, I would’ve almost forgotten. Now that I see you, I remember. Xiao Yi, do you have some time now? I want to speak to you privately about ‘Three Thousand Lunatics.'”

Ji Yi nodded and said with a smile, “Okay.”

Lin Zhengyi pointed outside the restrooms as he signaled for them to step out together. He started to explain how big the investors for “Three Thousand Lunatics” were.

This was all public information she could find online, but out of politeness and respect, she didn’t interrupt. She listened with a smile on her face, and every now and then, she indicated her agreement by nodding.

By chance, they happened to bump into a waiteress. Lin Zhengyi stopped, called the waiteress, and asked, “Are there any more private party rooms?”

“Mr. Lin, please wait.” Lin Zhengyi was probably a regular at China World Hotel Beijing, seeing as the waiteress recognized him. The waiteress immediately asked the front desk if there were any available rooms over his walkie-talkie.

As the waiteress made preparations, Lin Zhengyi used this chance to ask Ji Yi, “The room we’re in is too loud. If you don’t mind, let’s find a quiet place to talk before heading back?”

Every single word Lin Zhengyi said was about “Three Thousand Lunatics,” so Ji Yi thought Lin Zhengyi genuinely wanted to talk about the series. As the supporting actress, there was no reason to not go along with him, so Ji Yi didn’t think too much of it and agreed.

When the waiteress put his walkie-talkie away, he smiled and made a gesture to welcome them into the room in front of them. “Mr. Lin, please.”

Lin Zhengyi booked a new private party room that looked exactly like the one from that night’s dinner party.

Because it was just the two of them, Lin Zhengyi didn’t order any food, nor did the two of them sit at the table. Instead, they sat on the sofa by the lounge area.

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