Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 140
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 140
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 140: Defamation is a Form of Flattery (10)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

“He Jichen, do you have to be like this?” Lin Zhengyi attempted to stand up, but with just one movement from He Jichen, Lin Zhengyi quivered in pain and drew a sharp breath of air. Then he turned his head, looking slightly angry as gritted his teeth at He Jichen standing next to him. He said, “You have to understand. You’re treating me like I’m completely in the wrong here…”

He Jichen impatiently took two steps forward, raised a leg, and stomped on Lin Zhengyi’s left shoulder. He gritted his teeth and enunciated each word: “Do you know how to apologize?”

Lin Zhengyi grunted in pain as his teeth chattered. After a while, he forced himself to finish what he was saying: “…You won’t get anything good out of this…”

Lin Zhengyi barely managed to say “this” before He Jichen used his foot to apply more pressure on Lin Zhengyi’s shoulder. As Lin Zhengyi let out an anguished cry, He Jichen spoke again, “If you don’t know how, I’ll teach you!”

As he said this, He Jichen reached for the back of Lin Zhengyi’s collar.

Before He Jichen could fling him around again, Lin Zhengyi, who felt dizzy from all the attacks, wailed like a ghost and howled like a wolf and cried, “Alright! Alright! Sorry! Sorry! I’m sorry!”

Lin Zhengyi’s cries got louder with each consecutive one until finally, He Jichen slowly released his collar. He gradually stood up, extracted his leg from Lin Zhengyi’s body and stood aside.

He didn’t look at the mumbling Lin Zhengyi on the floor, but instead, his gaze fell to Ji Yi’s face.

The aura of violence around him hadn’t disappeared, and there was an air of arrogance swirling swiftly in his pitch-black eyes.

He Jichen was terrifying and dangerous like this, but in her shock, Ji Yi forgot to fear and avoid him. She responded to the man’s drifting gaze with astonishment.

She still remembered the young man drenched in blood on the school grounds of Sucheng Yizhong from years ago. He clutched onto a boy and threw him on the ground in front of her. He wildly stepped on the boy’s back and forced him to apologize. With each and every “Sorry,” Fatty at the side counted along.

In that moment, Ji Yi couldn’t distinguish between her memories and reality. She was in a complete daze, so when He Jichen stood in front of her, she was completely frozen with no reaction at all.

Once he came close enough, He Jichen saw everything clearly. The clothes on her body were in an array and her collar was ripped, exposing five fresh finger marks on her fair, delicate face.

Before I came, Lin Zhengyi touched her?

A murderous thought instantly rushed to He Jichen’s mind, causing the tender look in his eyes to turn cold and vicious again as he drew closer to her.

Both his hands curled into fists and he tried hard to suppress his heaving chest. After a while, he removed his blazer and covered her up since her ripped clothes exposed her bare shoulders.

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