Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 148
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 148
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 148: His Story That She Didn’t Know About (8)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Time flew by, and in the blink of an eye, a week had passed.

Since Ji Yi stayed up late watching dramas the night before, she woke up particularly late on Sunday. When she sat up, Tang Huahua, who was typing loudly away on her laptop, turned her head and said in excitement, “Xiao Yi, do you remember a while back, “Three Thousand Lunatics” announced they’d be starting production? I told you about Chen Weiwan’s story before…”

Ji Yi was still groggy from sleep, so it was a while before she nodded at Tang Huahua and said, “Yeah, I remember.”

Since “Three Thousand Lunatics” hadn’t revealed that she was the supporting actress, Ji Yi never told anyone about it in fear that something might happen in the process.

She stopped for a moment, pretended to be ignorant about it all and pressed on, “What happened?”

“What happened? Something big happened! They originally announced they were going to start shooting “Three Thousand Lunatics” next February, but now they actually stopped production!”

Ji Yi’s fingers suddenly trembled when she heard this as she was in the process of taking off her duvet.

Tang Huahua clicked her mouse as she described what was on the website. “The news was leaked today at four in the morning and has raised hell up till now. Everybody’s trying to guess why such a big TV series suddenly stopped shooting. Insiders said it was because there was some conflict between the investor and director…”

Tang Huahua hadn’t finished speaking when Ji Yi suddenly fell into a daze. She swiftly grabbed her phone from beside her pillow, unlocked the phone screen, and opened Weibo.

Just like Tang Huahua said, Weibo’s top trending search was: “Three Thousand Lunatics” Stops Production.

Ji Yi clicked the link and the first thing that popped into sight were comments from users reading the news on Weibo: “An insider revealed that the director for ‘Three Thousand Lunatics’ offended the investor, which caused them to lose a major investment. Because of problems with the investor, “Three Thousand Lunatics,” which was scheduled to start filming in February, was forced to stop filming!”

The director for “Three Thousand Lunatics” was He Jichen and the investor… Ji Yi furrowed her brows for a moment as the three words “Lin Zhengyi” flashed across her mind.

Could the person who pulled their investment be Lin Zhengyi?

Ji Yi pursed her lips slightly then exited Weibo. She opened her text messages and hesitated for a moment before she drafted a text to Chen Weiwan, who probably knew the entire truth. She sent the text: “Miss Chen, I wanted to ask if the news about ‘Three Thousand Lunatics’ stopping production was true?”

After successfully sending the text, Ji Yi assumed she’d have to wait a while before Chen Weiwan would reply. She never imagined that the moment she exited the messages screen, she’d receive a new notification.

Chen Weiwan’s reply was simply one word: “Yes.”

Ji Yi typed a quick response, dying to confirm her suspicions: “Was it because of Lin Zhengyi?”

Just like before, Chen Weiwan sent a reply practically a second later: “Yes, but as for the details, I’m not very sure. I think Mr. He hit someone.”

Hit someone…So this big mess really was because of what happened to me that night?

Ji Yi’s mind wandered as her phone screen lit up again. It was Chen Weiwan again with another message: “How did you know it was because of Lin Zhengyi?”

It looked like nobody’s name was leaked regarding what happened that night.

Even though Ji Yi contacted Chen Weiwan, she wasn’t very familiar with her. She was afraid that if she said too much and it got leaked online, an accident might happen, so Ji Yi thought carefully about it for a moment before replying: “I saw someone post about it online, so I thought I’d ask.”

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