Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 150
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 150
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 150: His Story That She Didn’t Know About (10)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

“While watching what was happening, I was scared to death just standing at your dorm room door. I can’t imagine how Lin Ya must’ve felt. I really believed that if Lin Ya didn’t reveal where you were, He Jichen would’ve really thrown her out the window!”

Did He Jichen almost toss Lin Ya out the window just to find out where I was?

Ji Yi’s fingers suddenly trembled as she held her chopsticks in a daze.

“Although He Jichen was definitely scary that day, he was still cool as hell! He was like a hero flushed in anger for a damsel! Situations that only happen in stories actually happened to you…” The woman sat back down beside Ji Yi again. She reached her hand out and started to shake Ji Yi’s arm. “…Ji Yi, I really envy you…”

Ji Yi snapped back to her senses from the shaking then averted her stiff gaze from a random spot on the floor. She turned her head, shot the woman a smile, but didn’t say anything in response.

The woman rested her head on Ji Yi’s shoulder, full of envy, as she continued to ramble on about how handsome He Jichen was. The woman suddenly realized she had wasted a lot of time, so she bid farewell to Ji Yi, grabbed her tray and left.

It was finally quiet. Ji Yi lowered her head and silently took two bites of her food. She suddenly stopped and stared at her tray in a daze with chopsticks in hand.

Ji Yi barely ate a fifth of her meal before she put her chopsticks down.

With her head lowered, she grabbed her phone and browsed Weibo for “Three Thousand Lunatics.” She kept Tang Huahua company while she ate.

Ji Yi initially planned to wait for Tang Huahua to finish eating to leave the cafeteria together, but she changed her mind and said, “Huahua, I have something to do. You should head back to the dorms first.”

Tang Huahua responded with an “Okay” then said bye to Ji Yi.

After Ji Yi saw Tang Huahua leave, she headed for the sports field where she took a seat in an isolated grove. She grabbed her phone and was about to check Weibo for the latest activity regarding “Three Thousand Lunatics” when she received an incoming call. It was Li Da, who she hadn’t talked to for quite some time.

Just like before, Li Da extended her a dorm-wide invitation to dinner just as an excuse to see Bo He.

After they set a time and place, Li Da didn’t hang up, but he changed the subject: “Xiao Yi, have you talked to Chen Ge lately?”

So strange! From the moment she opened her eyes that morning, every single thing she heard was about He Jichen… Deep down, Ji Yi was bewildered before she replied, “Nope, what’s up?”

“Chen Ge seems to have gotten into some kind of trouble. You know I’m in real estate… Two days ago, he contacted me to sell his apartment in Beijing. When I heard this, I was stunned! Say, his family’s so rich, so why would he need the money from just one apartment? Then I asked him if something happened to him. That was when I learned when he went to study at B-Film in Beijing, his family simply didn’t approve of it and he was cut off from all family funds. The money he’s been spending all this time in Beijing was money he earned from working…”

He Jichen’s been cut off from the He Family’s funds? Ji Yi tightened her fingers around the phone.

She didn’t make a sound.

Over the phone, Lin Da was still talking. “… Lately, he’s been raising funds for a series. It’s that one series that’s blown up on Weibo. They say he messed with the investor, so he pulled out his investment. Now he’s using all his savings from the last few years.”

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