Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 155
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 155
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 155: Want to Negotiate Terms with Me? Are You Worthy? (4)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Qian Ge’s minivan followed Ji Yi’s taxi for about half an hour before she came to a stop.

“Qian Jie, she stopped at Yue Yuan.”

Yue Yuan? Why’d she come to such a classy opera theater? From what I remember, Ji Yi never had any interest in the theater…

Qian Ge didn’t reply as her brows started to furrow. Seconds later, Qian Ge turned her head and looked over at her manager next to her. “Is anyone from the industry watching the opera tonight at Yue Yuan?”

“I’ll ask.” As the manager replied, she grabbed her phone. Less than thirty seconds later, she suddenly remembered something and told Qian Ge, “Look at this memory of mine. I almost forgot—didn’t Mr. Lin of Wan Xiang recently invest in a movie? He even asked you to make a guest appearance as a friend. Didn’t you make a trade for him to pull the investment for ‘Three Thousand Lunatics’? Yesterday, he called to tell you that he’d be having a party today at Yue Yuan for the series he invested in. He asked if you were coming, but since you wanted to go look for director He, you declined…”

Before the manager could finish, Qian Ge had a sudden realization. “Oh right. That did happen.”

So, Ji Yi came to Yue Yuan for Lin Zhengyi?

Qian Ge silently lowered her gaze for no more than three seconds before making up her mind. “Drive in. Tonight, we’re going to watch the opera at Yue Yuan too.”

“But, you have plans with Mr. Yan today at eight…”

“Cancel it.” Qian Ge didn’t wait for her manager to finish speaking and signaled for the driver to drive into Yue Yuan’s parking lot.

Everybody needed an appointment to enter Yue Yuan.

Ji Yi was stopped by the usher just as she stepped inside Yue Yuan.

She grabbed her phone and sent Lin Zhengyi a message on WeChat.

The ” Typing… ” status on the screen told Ji Yi that Lin Zhengyi had already seen her message, but she waited for ten whole minutes to receive a reply from Lin Zhengyi. It read: “I’m sending someone to get you.”

Ji Yi knew Lin Zhengyi was deliberately making things difficult for her, but she had to remain calm, so she politely replied, “Thank you, Mr. Lin.”

After she sent the message, Ji Yi continued to wait at the doors of “Yue Yuan” for almost half an hour before a young man strolled leisurely in front of her and asked with some doubt, “Pardon me, are you Ji Yi?”

Ji Yi wore a smile as she said, “Yes, hello.”

“Mr. Lin asked me to escort you. Please come with me,” said the man as he escorted Ji Yi into Yue Yuan.

As she followed the man through the mahogany corridors, he turned left then right several times before coming to a stop. He pushed open a set of ancient-looking doors and made a gesture at Ji Yi as if to welcome her inside.

Ji Yi and the man walked into the room in single file.

There was no one directly on the other side of the door facing the big stage.

The brilliant actress on stage gently swung her body and moved her rosy lips, singing sweetly.

There were seven to eight people sitting in the room. They all couldn’t look away from the stage as they gave the performance their full attention.

The man who escorted Ji Yi closed the doors as he indicated for Ji Yi to wait a moment. Then he quietly made his way to Lin Zhengyi’s side, lowered his head and whispered something into his ear.

Lin Zhengyi was enthralled by the show as his head swayed with the music. After the man finished whispering, Lin Zhengyi turned his head and glanced over at Ji Yi. Lin Zhengyi then tilted his head to reply.

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