Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 159
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 159
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 159: Want to Negotiate Terms with Me? Are You Worthy? (9)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Qian Ge paused for a moment to ensure she hadn’t missed anything before she gave her manager a nod as if to tell her to proceed with the call.

With her signal, the manager immediately walked off to a quiet corner and tapped the button to make the call.

Maybe someone in the private room spent a huge sum to request another song, since music started playing again on the big stage.

Qian Ge, who never listened to Beijing opera, shut her eyes and tapped her fingertips every so often to the beat on the table, which let out a weak sound.

After some time, her manager returned. She saw Qian Ge resting with her eyes shut, so she said in a particularly soft voice, “Qian Jie 1 , it’s done.”

Qian Ge didn’t say anything but gave a slight nod to indicate she heard her.

From start to finish, she never opened her eyes, yet a smile appeared like she was in an excellent mood.

When He Jichen’s phone rang, he, Han Zhifan, and two of Han Zhifan’s business partners were playing cards in room 1001 of the Golden Lounge.

As he drew his cards, he pulled out his phone from his pocket and glanced at the screen to find that it was his secretary calling.

After He Jichen threw his cards out, he swiped his phone screen and asked in a particularly cold voice, “What?”

“Mr. He, do you remember the supporting actress for ‘Three Thousand Lunatics’?”

Wasn’t the supporting actress for “Three Thousand Lunatics” Ji Yi? How could I forget the person I cast myself ?

He Jichen’s fingers slid the cards in front of him and he slowly replied, “Yeah, what’s wrong?”

“It’s like this, Mr. He. I saw a video of her in our company’s internal WeChat group…”

He Jichen glanced emotionlessly at the card Han Zhifan threw out and realized he was careless since he casually laid all his cards out.

“Our project ‘Three Thousand Lunatics’—didn’t it end because Lin Zhengyi pulled his investment? Yet, it looks like that actress is kind of close to Lin Zhengyi…”

From start to finish, He Jichen hadn’t really shown any reaction to the secretary’s report, but when he heard this, his brows started to tighten.

Ji Yi and Lin Zhengyi were kind of close? How could that be?

“… She’s even having dinner with Lin Zhengyi, and it seems like she’s at the dinner party with the production team for Lin Zhengyi’s newly invested series ‘Dust’…”

When He Jichen heard this, he looked up at Han Zhifan and shot him a look as if to say “Please wait.” Then he kicked his chair back, got up and walked out of the party room.

Coincidentally, he bumped into a waiter in the corridors who softly asked him if he was in need of assistance.

He Jichen shook his head, brushed past him and headed for the window at the end of the corridor.

He pushed the window open, inviting in the night’s breeze from the dead of winter, which helped to clear his mind.

He pulled out a cigarette from his pocket, put it between his lips, and lit up as he asked the secretary over the phone, “More specifically, tell me what’s going on?”

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