Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 161
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 161
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 161: Isn’t This How You Like it? (1)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

This time, the video he opened showed Ji Yi whispering something into Lin Zhengyi’s ear.

After Lin Zhengyi finished listening to what she had to say, he pointed at each person around the table and started to talk to her.

With Lin Zhengyi’s words, Ji Yi smiled and nodded at each one.

Even though He Jichen couldn’t hear what they said, he could tell from the video that Lin Zhengyi was introducing her to the surrounding people.

After the introductions, Lin Zhengyi picked up a glass of wine and whispered something into Ji Yi’s ear.

Then, Lin Zhengyi smiled at everyone around the table and said something. Ji Yi took the glass from his hand, got up, and raised it towards the person next to him.

When the video finished, He Jichen didn’t hesistate to continue on to the third.

In this video, Lin Zhengyi was pouring Ji Yi some wine, and from the pale expression on Ji Yi’s face, you could tell she had drank quite a lot of wine.

But when Lin Zhengyi handed her a glass of wine, she didn’t hesitate to take it. Like the previous videos, she toasted another person and downed the glass.

He Jichen’s fingertips around his phone turned white from the force of his grip.

He tightly pursed his lips and opened the fourth video.

The video was of Lin Zhengyi pouring wine for Ji Yi, but Lin Zhengyi was so close to Ji Yi that his hand touched her waist.

He wasn’t sure if it was voluntary or if she was numb from drinking too much, but she didn’t squirm out of Lin Zhengyi’s grasp nor did she stop him.

The cigarette in He Jichen’s hand was bent out of shape from the force of his clutches.

His gaze on his phone was frighteningly solemn.

As he watched the table full of people reveal flirtatious and sinister looks after Ji Yi drank several glasses in the video, He Jichen abruptly raised his hand and hurled his phone.

The phone crashed into the wall with a “bang!”, alarming a nearby waitress.

The waitress came running in, bent to pick the phone up, and was about to hand it to He Jichen when she realized that the man had a terrifyingly cold expression on his face. She was so scared that she took a step back and timidly said, “Sir, your phone.”

It seemed like He Jichen didn’t hear her at all as he stood unflinchingly on the spot. He stared intensely at the space in front of him.

His pupils contracted non-stop as though he was in a rage over something, and his body started to tremble slightly.

The waitress didn’t dare linger for too long, so she put the phone on the window sill and hurriedly turned around with the words, “Sir, I’ve put your phone here for you.”

Just as she was about to raise her feet, she detected the burning smell of flesh.

She furrowed her brows and instinctively looked down to find the cigarette butt burning He Jichen’s palm.

The waitress reached her hand out reflexively and grabbed He Jichen’s arm, “Sir, sir, your hand…”

He Jichen turned his head and swept her an extremely intense look, then drew away from her touch. He chucked the burning cigarette into the trash can then silently grabbed the phone from the window sill and strode over to the elevator.

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