Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 168
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 168
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 168: Isn’t This How You Like it? (8)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

After drinking quite a lot of wine, Ji Yi didn’t have the strength to push back. Though she forced herself to resist, she didn’t have the energy to fight back. “He Jichen, let go of me! He Jichen, what are you doing?!”

The ice-cold water ran down her face, and just as she was about to speak, it poured right into her mouth, causing her to violently cough from the lack of air. When she settled down, she was completely drenched, and her icy-cold clothes stuck to her skin.

It was the dead of winter in the capital. Although the heating in the room was warm enough, she was so cold that she was trembling.

In that very moment, she didn’t have the strength to talk, let alone fight back. All she could do was let him shower her with cold water like that.

Increasing amounts of water filled the bathtub, and shortly after, Ji Yi’s body was completely submerged. She was paralyzed with coldness in the tub. As her teeth chattered, she lost the ability to move.

She wasn’t sure if it was an illusion, but she vaguely sensed that the running water had decreased quite a bit.

She opened her eyelids slightly and looked towards He Jichen through the drops of water on her eyelashes.

The clothes on his body were mostly wet from him fighting with her during their earlier struggle. The lines of his stiff muscles could faintly be seen through his white shirt that was stuck to his chest.

There was a complex glow in his eyes as he stared at her with an icy, merciless expression. Just when she thought he was going to let her go, he caught something in the corners of his eyes as they abruptly fell to her neck.

It was red in that area. It was a mark left from being bitten.

Did Lin Zhengyi do this? She actually let Lin Zhengyi treat her like this?

He Jichen squinted his eyes and stared transfixed at Ji Yi’s neck for about half a minute. All of a sudden, his gaze turned unbelievably stern. It was as though he had been hiding knives, and his gaze tore a hole through her skin.

A second later, he couldn’t hold his temper down as the strength inside him pressed down harder on her shoulder, causing her to drown in the tub filled with water. The alarmingly cold water filled her nose and made her face swell up, but he didn’t loosen his grip.

He looked so vicious and convinced that he wanted her to die like this.

She’d seen before how he looked when he was angry – four years ago, when she confessed to He Yuguang, he showed up instead, completely enraged.

She thought he was already incomparably cutthroat back then, but now she knew that when he was truly angry, he could be this frightening.

Ji Yi couldn’t say if she was scared or if it was because she was choked from the water, but her eyes widened as she stared at He Jichen’s face. She had no other reaction aside from trembling.

Just when she thought she was going to be drowned to death by He Jichen, he suddenly threw the shower head fiercely to the ground. He grabbed onto her arm and lifted her from the bathtub.

He didn’t grab a towel for her to wipe off the dripping cold water from her body, but he dragged her out of the bathroom and casually flung her to the floor of the living room. Then he pressed his body to hers, reached his hand out, and grabbed her collar.

She wore a lace inner top, so how could it withstand his force? All she could hear was the “tssssst” sound of her clothes being torn off.

Her wet, fair skin fell into his field of view.

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