Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 169
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 169
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 169: Isn’t This How You Like it? (9)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

The red areas on her neck looked more obvious under the living room lights. He could clearly see the faint bite marks.

Even though he didn’t personally see how Lin Zhengyi actually left those marks, simply imagining it made He Jichen’s eyes bloodshot.

Several videos on the company’s WeChat group flashed before his eyes.

Her downing one glass at a time… Her smiling sweetly at every man in the room… Her and Lin Zhengyi whispering to one another… Her not avoiding Lin Zhengyi’s hand around her waist… The images he saw were heart-wrenching, but he didn’t believe it.

He raced over to Yue Yuan, yet he didn’t see her at the dinner party.

After he asked a waitress, he realized she was actually alone with Lin Zhengyi in the lounge area… She knew full well that Lin Zhengyi had bad intentions, yet she was alone with him. She was willing to do this… It was just as his secretary described – she realized that “Three Thousand Lunatics” was no longer shooting, so she was holding onto Lin Zhengyi to get a part in “Dust”?

He Jichen’s hand clutching onto Ji Yi’s sleeve started to tremble slightly.

It felt like a ball of fire was burning in his chest, scorching his entire body.

Did she know that he was afraid she’d become like other female celebrities who exchanged things, flattered and fawned over men in the industry to get by? He only gave up the glory of attending a prestigious school, gave up the chance to study abroad, and gave up the He family business after arguing with his family, just to travel all the way to Beijing from Sucheng to give her an easy life… But what about her?

She actually drank with them, she actually let Lin Zhengyi touch her…

He Jichen couldn’t tell if he was actually devastated or enraged as his gaze upon the hickeys on Ji Yi’s neck swiftly contracted and expanded. He wanted to say something, but not a single word came out. The corner of his lips couldn’t help but tighten as she froze there. All of a sudden, he lowered his head and bit down onto the red marks on her neck.

His sharp and hard bite onto her delicate skin caused her to bleed.

The pain compelled her to tremble, but there wasn’t the slightest affection and tenderness in his heart. In the end, he took a hard suck and started to tear her clothes off as he ignored her resistance.

He ripped off one item at a time until she was naked. Aside from being wet, his clothes were neat and undamaged.

The stark contrast between them made her feel profoundly humiliated.

She wanted to grab something to cover herself, but he didn’t give her any chances as his hand started to touch her skin.

He was heavy-handed with her, and there wasn’t any hint of warmth whatsoever. He was simply venting.

She shrieked for mercy, but he didn’t show any signs of letting her go.

She felt his hands fall to her hips and make its way downward.

As his palms stroked her thigh, she finally couldn’t help but let out a cry.

When he heard the sound of her cries, his fingers gradually came to a stop.

Seconds later, he clutched her chin and slowly turned her face towards him.

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