Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 170
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 170
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 170: Isn’t This How You Like it? (10)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Seconds later, he clutched her chin and slowly turned her face towards him.

He stared at the brimming tears in her eyes with the same cold and merciless expression. He didn’t look like he was going to soften up in the slightest as he mocked her, “Why are you crying? Isn’t this how you like it?”

Ji Yi didn’t understand how she angered him from the moment He Jichen turned up without warning at the doors of the Yue Yuan lounge up to this moment. Now that she heard him ask this with such hatred, her eyes upon He Jichen’s face looked confused.

How I liked it? How I liked it?

The woman’s large, pitch black, wet eyes and her puzzled expression made her look completely innocent.


That word flashed across He Jichen’s mind and a cold smile arose from his lips.

He wanted her to be innocent so badly, but those videos, the hickeys on her body, and the fact that she knew Lin Zhengyi was plotting against her, yet she stayed with him… How could he believe she was innocent after her all this evidence?

He Jichen couldn’t help but clutch her chin harder. His voice sounded even more heartless than before as he said even more hurtful and harsh things. “What? You can be like an escort, drinking with Lin Zhengyi and being in the same room as him, but you can’t let me touch you? Do you think I’m lesser than Lin Zhengyi because ‘Three Thousand Lunatics’ stopped production? I can’t give you the role you want now, so you want to climb straight into Lin Zhengyi’s bed and beg him to give you a part in his new drama?”

Escort? Climb into bed with Lin Zhengyi?

He Jichen’s cruel words instantly drained the blood right off Ji Yi’s face. She stared into He Jichen’s eyes first with bewilderment, which turned into an intense look of disbelief.

It wasn’t like she hadn’t experienced He Jichen’s sharp tongue before, but she never imagined that he would actually use such words to describe her.

After some time, Ji Yi slowly understood what had happened.

She wasn’t sure if He Jichen just so happened to be at Yue Yuan, or if someone had told him, but he probably knew she was at Lin Zhengyi’s dinner party tonight to drink. He also must’ve known that she, while a complete drunken mess, entered the lounge with Lin Zhengyi alone… So, he had the misunderstanding that because “Three Thousand Lunatics” was in trouble, she ran over to Lin Zhengyi to beg him for a part in “Dust.”

From the moment he appeared till now, he never even asked her a thing, but he was so adamant that she was the type of woman to give up everything to make it to the top!

Ji Yi’s lips instinctively tightened up as an evident flash of hurt crossed her eyes.

She shifted, wanting to tell him that she was only there because of him!

However, as the words lingered on her lips, her mind suddenly flashed back to that night four years ago. When she realized her first time was with him, she was so shocked and helpless, but what about him? The first thing from his mouth wasn’t “sorry,” or “I’m so sorry, I drank too much that night and made this mistake,” it was “name a price.”

So, no matter if it was years in the past or the present day, he firmly believed she was some kind of dirty woman deep inside.

And what about her? Was she actually going to explain to him?

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