Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 173
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 173
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 173: A Billion Stars Can’t Amount to Her (3)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

She was afraid He Jichen had returned, so she peered through the peephole first, only to see a female hotel attendant standing there. She opened the door.

The attendant politely handed her a paper bag with smile. “Miss, these are the clothes you requested. May I ask, will you be paying by cash?”

“Thank you, cash.” Ji Yi took the invoice, glanced at the total, and turned to the living room. She found her purse, counted out the cash, and handed it to the attendant.

Ji Yi waited for the attendant to give her the change before she shut the door, grabbed the bag, and walked into the bathroom.

Just as she grabbed a towel and patted her hair and body dry, she saw in the mirror that her skin was filled with marks all over.

They were all marks left by He Jichen’s fingers and teeth… Ji Yi stopped brushing her hair for a moment as she felt a pulsing ache creeping upon her.

She was afraid she’d cry again, so she hurriedly lowered her eyes, pretending as though she hadn’t seen anything. She patted her hair quickly then used the hair dryer to frantically dry the rest of it before getting dressed.

After she was all ready, Ji Yi didn’t linger in the bathroom. When she got out, she put her ripped clothes into the paper bag that the attendant delivered her new clothes in. Then she hastily grabbed her bag and left He Jichen’s room.

While she took the elevator down, Ji Yi called for a taxi.

In the chill of the winter night, the room was unusually cold. Ji Yi didn’t wait for the taxi in the warm lobby of the Four Seasons Hotel but stood right by the side of the hotel. She found a lamppost and stood under it as she waited.

After about a minute passed, the phone in Ji Yi’s pocket rang.

She thought it was the taxi driver calling to say her ride had arrived. The cold forced her body to shiver as she pulled out her phone to see an unknown number calling. She picked up the call immediately and asked, “Sir, where are you?”

The call was silent for a couple of seconds when a familiar voice was heard, “Miss Ji Yi, it’s me.”

It was Lin Zhengyi’s voice.

Ji Yi was stunned as she realized she’d made a mistake and hurriedly changed her tone, “Mr. Lin, my apologies. I thought the taxi I called arrived.”

“Don’t worry about it, Miss Ji Yi.” After Lin Zhengyi politely replied, he spoke again seconds later. “I’m calling to give you my answer.”

Ji Yi knew this answer referred to the conversation about the recording tonight.

She let out a soft “Mhm”. “Mr. Lin, go on.”

“I agree to all the terms you mentioned tonight at Yue Yuan. I’ll even add twenty percent of my original investment, so…” Lin Zhengyi came to a stop.

Although he didn’t finish, Ji Yi already knew what he meant. “Mr. Lin, about your investment. It’s a collaboration with YC Corp, so you should contact them directly. As long as you re-sign with YC Corp, I’ll hand over all the recordings in my possession. As for deleting or keeping those recordings, that’ll be up to you to decide.”

Upon hearing Ji Yi’s swift response, Lin Zhengyi sounded a lot more relaxed. “Alright, I und… No, I’ll order someone to speak to YC Corp now. When everything is finalized, I’ll contact you again.”

“Alright, goodbye for now, Mr. Lin.” Ji Yi was just about to hang up when all of a sudden, she remembered something and said, “Mr. Lin…”

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