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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 177
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 177: A Billion Stars Can’t Amount to Her (7)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

“Eh?” The secretary was left stunned by He Jichen’s reply. After a while, as he asked again to make sure, “Reject it?”

He Jichen carelessly let out a “mhm.”

“Mr. He, weren’t you recently worried about the investment for ‘Three Thousand Lunatics’? You asked me to sell all your shares, and you even wanted to sell your apartment! Now, all you have to do is accept Mr. Lin’s investment and everything will be resolved, right? Mr. Lin originally invested a total of two billion, so with an additional twenty percent, that’s four hundred million extra! Mr. Lin will invest two billion and four hundred million…”

“So what?” replied He Jichen nonchalantly after the secretary’s long monologue.

What does he mean by “so what”?

This was practically a gift from the heavens falling right into his lap! Not only were they going to get their investment back, there was going to be four hundred million more. Four hundred million was enough to pay an A-list actor. This was basically a large sum of money they could invest into production at a later stage…

The secretary was stunned by those two words for quite some time before he forced himself to speak, “Mr. He…”

The secretary wanted to tell He Jichen what was on his mind, but he only managed to say two words before He Jichen said softly, “Do as I asked.”

He was probably tired as there seemed to be some exhaustion in his voice, but even so, the secretary still felt an intense stifling feeling. He didn’t dare try to persuade him again and said quietly, “Yes, Mr. He.”

He Jichen remained quiet for a long time over the phone as though he was in deep in thought, then he moved his lips. “Had he not pulled his investment back then, I would’ve made him pull his investment!”

Since Mr. He had plans to refuse Mr. Lin’s investment before he pulled it… The secretary’s eyes suddenly shot wide open as he thought he misheard. He Jichen boldly mumbled to himself over the phone quietly, a little puzzled, “She’s the woman I’m protecting. How could I let someone else casually come in and mess with her and take matters into their own hands…”

Though he was quiet, the secretary heard every word clearly.

He Jichen was obviously transparent with his emotions when he said that. The secretary wasn’t sure if he was hallucinating, but he suddenly felt an intense shock.

It felt like something hard had crashed into the secretary’s heart as he suddenly fell into a daze.

After staying quiet for some time, He Jichen suddenly remembered the secretary had called to talk business. He hurriedly snapped back to his senses, cleared his throat, and flatly said, “Oh, right. Tell everyone in the company on the WeChat group that they’re not permitted to leak any of tonight’s videos out about the supporting actress of ‘Three Thousand Lunatics’!”

Those videos have implications for her reputation. Even if she degraded herself, I’ll still pretend to be deaf and mute and protect her to the end.

“Also, fire that ‘meow meow meow’ person who uploaded the videos to the group…” After a pause, He Jichen was afraid the secretary would interpret this to mean he had feelings for Ji Yi, so he added, “‘Three Thousand Lunatics’ is really important to our company. I can’t allow anyone to make any mistakes!”

“Yes, Mr. He, as soon as I get to the office in the morning, I’ll take care of it.” Just as He Jichen hoped, his secretary’s suspicious seemed to be diverted.

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