Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 180
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 180
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 180: A Billion Stars Can’t Amount to Her (10)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

After I left, did she take a shower and go to get some rest in the bedroom?

With that thought, He Jichen tiptoed over to the bedroom door.

Afraid to wake Ji Yi up from her sleep, he opened the door gently.

The lights were off in the bedroom and it was completely pitch-black. With the light coming from the living room, he could see that the room was spotless as though nobody had entered at all.

He Jichen furrowed his brows and instinctively reached for the light switch on the wall.

The lights turned on and the empty bed instantly came into sight. The bedsheets were neat and no one was there…

He Jichen’s heart instantly jumped as he strode over to the bed and pulled the covers to the floor. When he confirmed there was no one there, he immediately turned back to the living room.

He glanced around the room to make sure that she wasn’t hiding anywhere then he looked in the bathroom, bathtub, and sauna. He couldn’t find any trace of her…

Only then did He Jichen realize that the clothes he ripped off the woman had also disappeared.

She couldn’t have left wearing those torn clothes, right?

He Jichen leaped over to the phone and called the front desk. After he asked for the manager, he immediately hurled the question, “1001, Where is the person I brought here?”

“Mr. He, please wait…” Over the phone, He Jichen heard the manager asking the lady at the front desk. After waiting for about a minute, the hotel manager said, “Mr. He, the lady you brought asked us to bring a set of clothes three hours ago, paid for them herself then left.”

Left three hours ago… He Jichen hung the phone up and immediately pulled his phone out from his pocket and glanced at the time.

Meaning… she left a little over half an hour ago… It wasn’t even nine at the time and Tang Huahua messaged him at eleven to say she hadn’t returned to the university, and she didn’t return home… That was a two-hour gap, so where did she go?

He Jichen was still a little uneasy as his mind pondered over those questions. He immediately opened WeChat and sent Tang Huahua a message: “Is she back at the university yet?”

Tang Huahua must’ve been asleep since she didn’t reply.

He Jichen paced restlessly around the living room for some time before he realized he might be fussing over nothing. She wasn’t back at the university at eleven, but now it was already one in the morning. Maybe she returned at half-past eleven or twelve?

She was an adult and public security in Beijing was good. Before she left, she even asked the hotel to bring her some clothes so she would’ve been just fine…

He Jichen forced himself to calm down then stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows and stared at the night sky for a long time. Then he went back to the bedroom and slept on the bed.

He Jichen didn’t know just how long he slept as he groggily heard his phone ring “ding dong!”, which completely woke him up.

The curtains were drawn. It was already light outside, and the morning sun filled the room with a red glow.

He Jichen sat up, grabbed his phone, and opened WeChat. The first message was a reply from Tang Huahua. “Xiao Yi didn’t come home last night. I just called her, but no one picked up.”

Didn’t come home all night? No one picked up?

He Jichen immediately punched in Ji Yi’s number and made the call. Just like Tang Huahua said, the phone rang until he heard the message: “Sorry! The person you are calling is unavailable right now. Please try again later.”.Ji Yi didn’t pick up his call.

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