Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 185
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 185
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 185: The Recording Pen in Her Hands (5)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

As he wiped her face, the tears drenched his hand as she continued to cry.

He Jichen hopelessly let out a soft sigh as he sat down on the ground. He reached over to her body against the wall and dragged her small frame over to him as he held her in his arms. With the same hand used to wipe her tears, he gently patted her back to cheer her up.

His embrace made her tense up a little and gave her the urge to struggle out of it, but he tightened his hug.

Maybe she wasn’t used to his hug since she was a little tense. After some time, perhaps due to his affectionate pat on her back, she eventually relaxed, buried her head in his chest, and openly let out a cry.

As her tears drenched his shirt and her throat became hoarse from crying, He Jichen held her in his gentle embrace as he let her cry on him.

The sound of her crying slowly subsided into a sob which eventually weakened and returned the room to complete silence. He Jichen didn’t let go of Ji Yi, nor did Ji Yi pull out of He Jichen’s embrace.

If it was possible, He Jichen really hoped he could hug her silently like this until the end of time.

After she calmed down, a sudden thought sprung to mind: did she hide here all alone last night after she left the Four Seasons Hotel?

Nobody normally came here, and she didn’t look like she had been outside. It had been almost a whole day and night now; could she have been crouching here all this time without eating?

At that thought, He Jichen slightly pushed her away from his arms, grabbed the phone from the floor, and typed: “Have you eaten?”

After reading what “He Yuguang” wrote, Ji Yi gently shook her head.

So he guessed right. She hadn’t eaten all day?

He Jichen felt a painful tug in his heart then continued to type into his phone: “Then, I’ll go cook something for you okay?”

After Ji Yi read those words, she instinctively glanced over at the time on He Jichen’s phone. It was already nine something in the evening, so it would be troublesome to cook…

She was just about to reject him when He Jichen put his phone back and typed the line: “The floor is cold. I’ll take you to the bedroom first to get some rest. Later, when I finish cooking, I’ll call you to come eat, alright?”

From the two consecutive messages he wrote to her, he spoke with peaceful a tone of voice which made her feel important. A warm sensation gradually engulfed Ji Yi’s body before she finally said, “It’s too much trouble…”

Because she had been crying, her voice was a little hoarse, so it took some time for He Jichen to make out what she meant.

She didn’t want to trouble him to cook…

He Jichen’s eyes softened as he shook his head at her. Without typing a single message, he got up, carried her in his arms, and headed for the bedroom.

When he put Ji Yi on the bed, he realized that she hadn’t worn any socks all along.

Even though it was warm in the room, her feet were frighteningly cold.

He pulled two covers over her, grabbed his phone and wrote: “Wait a while for me. It’ll be done soon”. After he saw her nod, he got up, but just as he was about to turn to leave, he caught a glimpse of a recording pen in her hands.

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