Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 191
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 191
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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hapter 191: I Wish You Would Be Lost Forever and Come To My Side (1)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

The hired helper and He Yuguang’s conversation was very muted, so Ji Yi couldn’t hear anything. After about a minute, the helper came back and said, “Sir said he doesn’t have an appetite right now, so I’m afraid you will be eating alone.”

Ji Yi responded with an “Oh,” lowered her head, and ate another spoonful of congee. She casually said, “Could I please trouble you to prepare a portion of breakfast for me to bring to Yuguang Ge?”

“Yes, madam. Just a moment.”

Ji Yi didn’t make a sound but she quickened her eating pace.

After she finished her bowl of congee, Ji Yi picked up the napkin, wiped her mouth, and got up. She carried the breakfast that the helper prepared and headed for the study room.

Because she couldn’t carry the tray steadily with one hand, Ji Yi was afraid to drop the breakfast tray. She directed her arm to knock on the door. She intended to make some noise to politely notify the person in the study of her presence when she realized the door wasn’t closed. With a shove, she pushed the door open.

Sitting at the desk with a pen in hand, “He Yuguang” was concentrating on writing something when he heard a noise. His head shot up as he looked over towards the door.

After he saw Ji Yi, an obvious wave of panic came over him, and he hastily shoved everything on the table into the drawer.

He Jichen was too quick, so Ji Yi only vaguely caught sight of the paper. She didn’t think that “He Yuguang” would have this reaction, so she was sheepish as she apologized with a smile. “Yuguang Ge, sorry. I wanted to knock, but I didn’t realize that I’d nudged the door open.”

After calming down from the initial panic of seeing Ji Yi, He Jichen smiled at her and shook his head.

Ji Yi walked up to him and placed the breakfast on his desk. “Yuguang Ge, I heard Ayi 1 say that you don’t have an appetite. That’s no good. Even if you’re not hungry, you should eat.”

He Jichen grabbed the phone on the table and typed: “Thank you, I’ll eat in a bit.”

After seeing that “He Yuguang” was willing to eat, Ji Yi relaxed. “Then later, I’ll…”

Before she could finish saying goodbye, “He Yuguang” looked as though he had a sudden thought. He grabbed his phone and typed: “Manman, did you and Jichen get into some kind of misunderstanding?”

How did Yuguang Ge know?

Ji Yi was left stunned when she saw that line as she remembered that He Yuguang and He Jichen were blood-related brothers. They were close, so it was normal for Yuguang Ge to know, but would Yuguang Ge view her as some kind of dirty woman like He Jichen did?

The nervousness deep down hadn’t settled when Ji Yi saw new words on “He Yuguang”‘s phone: “Is there some kind of misunderstanding?”


Yuguang Ge actually used the word “misunderstanding.” Did that mean that deep down inside, he believed her a little?

Ji Yi’s mouth gaped slightly and she looked over at “He Yuguang” for some time before she said in disbelief, “Yuguang Ge, you say it’s a misunderstanding. Does that mean you believe I’m not that kind of woman?”

He Jichen vaguely understood the truth of what happened last night; the only reason he was asking so indirectly was to get some confirmation. After seeing her reaction at this very moment, it was like he realized something deep down inside.

It felt like a sharp knife stabbed his heart. The pain made it unbearable for him to breathe and he forced his fingers to stop shaking. He copied the way He Yuguang wrote as he typed: “Manman, of course I believe you.”

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