Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 192
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 192
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 192: I Wish You Would Be Lost Forever and Come To My Side (2)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Believe …

So this is the warm feeling you get when someone stands up to say they believe you after you’ve been seriously misunderstood by someone else.

The night before, He Jichen made her feel so aggrieved and she tried her best to endure it all on her own. She never thought to share these hardships to anyone, but at this very moment, “He Yuguang”‘s word, “believe,” effortlessly broke her armor and softened her heart.

She stared at “He Yuguang” with warm and tender eyes. She was so moved that the rims of her eyes ached a little. Afraid she would lose control and suddenly cry, she quickly blinked.

“Manman, if you’re hurt, you can tell me. No matter what it is, I’ll be here for you.” It felt like there was something lodged in He Jichen’s throat, suffocating him. After a lot of effort, he typed that into his phone.

He Jichen pushed the phone in front of Ji Yi.

She raised her head slightly to look over at the phone.

Though it was just a simple line, she stared at it for so long. He didn’t notice her fingers tremble gently.

He Jichen knew she finished reading, so he pulled the phone back.

When she was young, every time she encountered any troubles, she told Yuguang Ge everything. After so many years, he was still willing to listen to her chatter…

A strong pounding started in Ji Yi’s heart.

In that very instant, it felt like time had turned back. Without thinking twice, she complained to “He Yuguang” just like when they were young. “Yuguang Ge, I’m not the woman he says I am. I didn’t go see Lin Zhengyi to find a new path for myself because ‘Three Thousand Lunatics’ stopped production over the lost investment…”

This was what she wanted to tell He Jichen that night at the Four Seasons Hotel, but seeing him like that made her instantly not want to explain herself to him.

Which went to say that back then, she was really disheartened.

If someone trusted you, what need was there to explain yourself? If a person trusted you, what use was there to further explain yourself?

Ji Yi stopped for a moment, twitched her lips and said quietly, “…I went to see Lin Zhengyi because he was the only one I could find. In this industry, I don’t know many rich people. What’s more, even if I did know anyone, they might not be interested in investing. As for Lin Zhengyi, I had other ways that could persuade him.”

Though she didn’t mention what other ways, He Jichen knew exactly what she meant after secretly listening to the recording last night.

“How all this happened had nothing to do with me, but I feel like he got into trouble to help me. I just felt so sorry that I wanted to help him, but I never thought that as soon as he showed up, he would say I’m that kind of woman without even asking me what happened…”

Even though it happened two days ago, Ji Yi still felt powerless and hurt at the mention of that night.

Perhaps she was too absorbed in what she said that she didn’t notice that the man in front of her turned a little pale.

And perhaps she spoke too fluidly, but she naturally followed by complaining, “…He doesn’t even know just how much I drank just to get a chance to be alone with Lin Zhengyi.”

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