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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 194
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 194: I Wish You Would Be Lost Forever and Come To My Side (4)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

He needed to be alone. He needed some time to digest what she just said, because he couldn’t stay there with her, otherwise he would definitely lose control…

With that thought, a line appeared on the phone: “I’m fine, don’t call an ambulance…”

Ji Yi stood by his side and watched as he typed every word. When she read this, she couldn’t help but say, “Yuguang Ge, you don’t look so good…”

“…Perhaps it was because I was busy working last night and didn’t rest well, so I’m going to go sleep for a while. I’ll be fine when I wake up…”

While she was talking, He Jichen typed another line of words.

After he stopped, he didn’t wait for Ji Yi to try and persuade him, but he lifted himself up using the desk and stood up from his chair.

He grabbed his phone and forced a smile at Ji Yi as he brushed past her on his way out of the study.

He stumbled slightly but walked very quickly. Seeing this, Ji Yi couldn’t help but furrow her brows. What was with Yuguang Ge? He looked really unwell, but he also looked like he was triggered…

Ji Yi stood by the desk for a while with a confused look, deep in thought. She couldn’t come up with an explanation, so she withdrew her gaze from where she had last seen “He Yuguang.”

She looked over at the untouched breakfast on the desk and instinctively walked over to it. She was about to carry it over to “He Yuguang” for him to eat after he got some rest. However, before her fingers touched the breakfast tray, her eyes caught the small card by the foot of the chair.

The small card looked familiar. When she charged into the study room, he hurriedly tried to hide the card. At the time, he was holding several of them, but because he was too flustered, he didn’t notice that one had fallen to the floor…

At the time, she vaguely saw that he was holding a card with some writing on it…

At that thought, Ji Yi withdrew her hand from the tray and walked over to the chair. She did see a card with a line of words on it.

Her eyesight wasn’t bad, but she was slightly short-sighted, so when she crouched down to pick up the card, she clearly saw the words on the back.

“I wish you would be lost forever and come to my side.”

Such a beautiful line…

Ji Yi stared at the line and turned it in her head over and over again then she flipped the card around. That was when she became completely stunned.

This little card had… a clear photo…

And the girl in the photo wore a red dress with a simple and stylish ponytail. Her smile was bright and she looked around eighteen years old. She was someone Ji Yi knew better than anyone.

Because the girl in the photo was her. It was her when she was younger.

From the background of the photo, it looked like it was taken in secret.

So, was this a photo Yuguang Ge secretly took back when I was in Sucheng?

Why did Yuguang Ge secretly take a photo of me? What’s more, why did he keep it for so many years? What’s most curious is…

As Ji Yi thought about it, she flipped the card.

I wish you would get lost forever and come to my side… This sounded so much like a confession of a secret crush…

Ji Yi stared at those words as though something brutally hit the softest part of the left side of her chest.

Could he have written this on the back of my photo for me?

Ji Yi’s heart suddenly skipped a beat then uncontrollably raced faster, beat by beat.

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