Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 196
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 196
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 196: I Wish You Would Be Lost Forever and Come To My Side (6)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

As she stepped out of the building, Ji Yi’s feet stopped. She turned around and stared up at the floor of “He Yuguang”‘s apartment.

She stared firmly at it for a moment before she lowered her head slightly to mask the flash of misery across her eyes.

She thought Yuguang Ge probably didn’t know about what happened between her and He Jichen four years ago. If Yuguang Ge knew she and his twin brother had sex, he definitely wouldn’t have suggested that she go through with the wedding.

Nor could she ever get involved with He Jichen’s older brother after they did it.

Rather than waiting for the day they fell harder for each other or before she couldn’t pull away from him, she thought she better get out before she became too invested. If Yuguang Ge could still control his affections, they could keep a safe distance between one another.

Now, perhaps she was a little reluctant and regretful to be in a forbidden love, but that was far better than having to leave him when she was deep in love.

By then, to cut ties would be to cut wrists; the pain would be as torturous as hovering between life and death.

At that thought, Ji Yi shut her eyes, took a deep breath, suppressed the image of the photo she saw in “He Yuguang”‘s study and sealed it into the furthest part of her heart. Then she turned around and strode out of the residential area and hailed a taxi back to the university.

From Lin Zhengyi’s texts, Ji Yi learned that He Jichen rejected the investment for “Three Thousand Lunatics.”

If what happened at the Four Seasons Hotel didn’t happen at all, then perhaps Ji Yi would’ve tried to persuade He Jichen to think about the bigger picture. However, she was so humiliated that night that she naturally wasn’t going to interfere. Even if a role in “Three Thousand Lunatics” could’ve shaped her career, she would rather continue to live freely and wait for an opportunity in university. She didn’t want anything from Lin Zhengyi, so she gave him all the recordings, and ended everything at that.

The news about “Three Thousand Lunatics” stopping production over investment issues buzzed around the internet for three days until news of a male celebrity cheating dialed it down.

It was already January, so it was time for final exams. Ji Yi didn’t pay too much attention to entertainment news. She spent every day either in her dorms or in the library studying.

It had been about half a month since “He Yuguang” left when she received his text saying he was coming back from his business trip to America. He was changing flights at Beijing as usual, so he asked if she was free to have dinner together.

At the time, Ji Yi was leaning against the bed head, studying English. When she saw his text, she thought about the complicated emotions she had upon leaving “He Yuguang”‘s place. She hesitated for quite some time but found an excuse to reject his invitation.

Since she decided to not have a future with him, it’d be best not to meet him.

Ji Yi put her phone down and stared at the English letters for some time before she regained her concentration again.

Final exams were over on the seventh of January, and students would be off on winter break.

Ji Yi’s home was in Beijing, so she didn’t need to pack a bunch of things into big and small bags to take to the train station like Tang Huahua and Bo He. In the late afternoon after her exams were over, she headed back to the dorms and packed all her things in less than ten minutes.

She gave Tang Huahua and Bo He goodbye hugs then carried her belongings out of the dorms.

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