Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 201
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 201
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 201: The Right to See You (1)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Lin Ya said someone with star power in the industry told her. That person was… Qian Ge right?

The two of them had known each other for quite some time. At first, when she joined the production team of “The Palace,” wasn’t it Lin Ya who helped Qian Ge trap her in the abandoned school building?

So, just like before, Qian Ge was using Lin Ya as a weapon against her.

Tang Huahua sent a new voice note: “Xiao Yi, Lin Ya’s mouth is so darn cheap…”

As Ji Yi heard her angry voice, she received Tang Huahua’s screenshot.

The conversation between Lin Ya and her two girl friends was buzzing. One of the lines was from Lin Ya: “Look at how she drank to each one of them. Her smile was so slutty. Who’s to say that everyone on that table isn’t her investor?”

Below that, one of the girls replied with three laughing emojis with their mouths covered.

Ji Yi silently pursed her lips. Before she could even click out of the image, Tang Huahua sent several more voice notes.

“Xiao Yi, look at how shameless she is! She went as far as to say that you’re having an affair with everyone at the table in her Moments 1 .”

“We’re classmates after all, but for her to make the situation worse, does she think we’ll never see each other again?

“Wouldn’t she feel bad when we see each other?”


Ji Yi didn’t listen to Tang Huahua’s later voice notes and she locked her phone screen before putting it down.

Her gaze was transfixed on the rustic lights hanging above the windows. The calm expression on her face looked as if she hadn’t seen anything on her phone just now. It wasn’t until the waiter served her some food before she withdrew her gaze, picked up her chopsticks, and silently started to eat.

Ji Yi ate for quite some time, but after eating a fifth of her food, she couldn’t eat anymore and put her chopsticks down. She called the waiter over, paid her bill, and got up to leave.

As she followed the cobbled road in the old town, she aimlessly followed the tourists in front of her. She continued to walk until she was tired and simply couldn’t walk anymore. Then she took a seat by the riverside as she stared transfixed at the glistening lights on the surface of the river and the boats occasionally sailing by.

Ji Yi was in a daze for who knows how long before she snapped to her senses and noticed that the busy little town was already empty.

All the stores aside from the noisy bar some distance away were shut for the evening.

There were a few sparse lights reflecting off the surface of the river. Besides the other lights from the few lanterns far away, various other spots were completely shrouded with a dim light.

How long had she been sitting there on her own?

Before Ji Yi pulled the food from her bags, she noticed that she had over 99 messages when she checked her phone for the time.

Ji Yi hesitated for a while but eventually opened WeChat.

Besides the few messages from Tang Huahua asking if she was alright, her other B-Film colleagues and friends also asked whether or not what Lin Ya wrote on her Moments was real. Even her classmate’s WeChat groups all happily chatted away about her.

Ji Yi didn’t click into their posts, but she was certain there were some nasty comments. The thought of it was already devastating, so she didn’t need to stifle her own heart. The next second, she exited WeChat without any hesitation.

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