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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 204
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 204: The Right to See You (4)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Perhaps it was because both sides of the line were too quiet, but the sound of singing came from “He Yuguang”‘s side of the phone.

Through the gentle sound of music, Ji Yi could hear the faint sound of “He Yuguang”‘s breath. It was low but strong.

Being all alone at night instantly started to feel beautiful.

With the phone raised, Ji Yi couldn’t help but look up at the stars in the sky above.

After some time had passed, Ji Yi heard a phone start to ring on “He Yuguang”‘s end.

Ji Yi instinctively wanted to cry out “Yuguang Ge” and say: “If you have an incoming call, let’s hang up first.” However, before she could speak, she heard the sound of two sets of footsteps close by.

Ji Yi turned her head to see a man and woman walk over.

The man had a phone in his hand and was talking into it: “I’ve arrived at the place you sent me, but I haven’t found her yet…”

Before the man could finish, the woman beside him saw Ji Yi and nudged the man’s arm and pointed. “Isn’t that her?”

The man’s line of sight fell on Ji Yi then he spoke into the phone, “…Found her. Found her.”

As the man hung up, Ji Yi and He Yuguang’s call was also cut.

Straight after, a string of messages was received. She lowered her phone and saw that “He Yuguang” had sent her a message: “Those are my friends – I asked them to take you to your hotel.”

So, Yuguang Ge didn’t mistakenly get her to share her location just now – he wanted to know where she was so he could send people to take care of her?

He was afraid she’d be bored waiting there on her own, so he stayed on the phone with her?

Ji Yi stared at the message suddenly with so much confusion.

That man and woman had already walked over to Ji Yi. “Hello, excuse me, are you Ji Yi?”

Ji Yi quickly composed herself, looked up, and politely replied, “Hello, yes, I’m Ji Yi.”

“You know Mr. He? He asked us to take you to your hotel…” said the woman with the beaming smile. She then looked down at Ji Yi’s leg and said, “…Mr. He said you twisted your ankle. Can you get up? If you can’t then let this man carry you. I called this strong guy over…”

As she said this, the woman shot the man a look, to which he immediately turned around and crouched in front of Ji Yi.

The woman was probably afraid that Ji Yi would feel embarrassed, so she continued by saying, “It’s alright. Don’t be embarrassed. They don’t let cars into the ancient city, so this is the best we can do.”

Having said this, any word of timidness would only make Ji Yi seem unreasonable. She quietly said “Thank you” and laid on the man’s back.

After the woman asked Ji Yi for the hotel’s name, she opened her navigation app and the three of them set off in the direction of the hotel.

The woman stayed with Ji Yi in the hotel room, but the man walked out with his phone. Who knows who he was on the phone with.

After about a minute, a man came in. He was an orthopedic doctor.

The woman recognised him and greeted him: “Old Zhang.” Then she moved to make space for him to check Ji Yi’s ankle.

In the process, the man who carried Ji Yi on his back shot her a glance from outside the door. Then he talked on the phone while he walked away.

“Mr. He, Miss. Ji Yi has reached the hotel with me and my wife. Now Old Zhang is checking her ankle.”

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