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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 206
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 206: The Right to See You (6)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Tonight, he originally planned to meet the the production team for “Three Thousand Lunatics” to discuss the script, but after talking to everybody for just a short while, his phone rang.

As they were all alerts from WeChat, he didn’t really bother with them. Thinking that it couldn’t possibly be anything important, he put his phone on silent and continued with the meeting about the script.

After about half an hour passed, the phone in his pocket started to vibrate.

He knew it was an incoming call, so he reached to pull out his phone as he continued to point out to the people around him the areas where the script could be improved.

As he spoke, he lowered his head and glanced over at the phone screen to see the three words “Tang Huahua.” He furrowed his brows, and he felt a little bewildered. Why was Tang Huahua looking for him on new year’s day?

He Jichen immediately tapped the button to take the call. When he finished what he had to say at the meeting, he raised the phone to his ear and said nonchalantly, “Hello?”

As soon as Tang Huahua heard him speak, she immediately said in a panic, “He Xuezhang, I can’t get a hold of Xiao Yi. I’m afraid she’s taking things too hard and something happened to her…”

When He Jichen heard the two words “Xiao Yi,” he suddenly stopped circling the script with a pen. The next second, he apologized to the room full of people then kicked his chair back and walked out of the meeting room with his phone.

When he reached a quiet spot, He Jichen then asked over the phone, “What’s going on?”

“It’s Lin Ya. Lin Ya sent a photo of Xiao Yi on Moments then started to talk a lot of crap. I told Xiao Yi about it then she started ignoring me. I was afraid she was feeling horrible, so I constantly sent her messages to comfort her, but she never replied. I was a little worried so I called her, but nobody picked up…”

Over the phone, Tang Huahua talked for a long time, but He Jichen caught the key point in an instant. “What kind of photo did Lin Ya send?”

“Half an hour ago, I sent it to you on WeChat…”

As Tang Huahua was in mid-speech, He Jichen hung up the call without a word and opened WeChat.

He ignored the other unread messages but searched for Tang Huahua’s name and clicked on it.

The first screenshot turned He Jichen’s eyes cold. As he remained frozen in place while swiping the screen to see the screenshot, the expression on his face grew bleak. Eventually, he looked like he was going to break a sweat.

Lin Ya actually hadn’t change one bit, and she dared to do something like this to Ji Yi?!

A flash of fury crossed He Jichen’s eyes. The next second, he found Ji Yi’s phone number and called her.

Compared to Lin Ya, Ji Yi should be his priority…

But when he called her, the line was cut.

He tried it a few times over, but just as he thought there was something wrong with his phone, he suddenly remembered that after what happened at the Four Seasons Hotel, she put his number on her blocked list.

He Jichen put his phone away and strode back into the meeting room. He called his secretary, wanting to borrow his phone, but then remembered how terrible Ji Yi must be feeling right now, seeing what Lin Ya wrote on Moments.

He saw her the same day she broke for winter holidays. When she saw him at the university gates, she turned away, so that meant she obviously didn’t want to see him.

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