Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 208
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 208
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 208: The Right to See You (8)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Did you know? Ji Yi… Every day, my heart comes up with a thousand, no, a million reasons to see you, but I don’t have any right to see you.

He Jichen felt a deep feeling of grief spew out little by little from his heart.

He looked at peace as though he wasn’t bothered by his thoughts at all, but his hands slowly clenched into fists.

He tried hard to stop himself from losing it completely on the plane.

Even as his nails painfully pierced his palms, there was no sign of him easing up. It took quite a long time for the throbbing pain and sorrow in his heart to subside before he slowly relaxed his fists. He felt his left palm was a little sticky, so he looked down to find tiny drops of blood from his nails digging into his palm.

Because of the medicine applied to her leg, Ji Yi couldn’t take a shower. She waited for the doctor, man and woman to leave before she limped over to the bathroom to freshen up a little and laid back in bed.

It was already two in the morning, but Ji Yi wasn’t sleepy. With her phone in hand, before she realized what she was doing, her fingers opened WeChat and typed in “He Yuguang.”

“They are my friends. I asked them to help take you to the hotel.” When she met the man and woman, he received her message which read, “I see them.”

Up till now, he hadn’t sent her a reply.

About forty-five minutes passed. Could he already be asleep?

Ji Yi bit her fingers and stared at her phone screen for some time before she typed a single line message and sent it. “Yuguang Ge, I’ve safely reached the hotel. They even found a doctor to take care of my injury.”

After a moment, Ji Yi added, “They’ve left now.”

After about five minutes, Ji Yi saw that “He Yuguang” still hadn’t replied to her message, so she simply scrolled through Weibo on her phone to waste time. She glanced at her Moments until she saw that “He Yuguang” was still silent two and a half hours later, so she clicked on their WeChat conversation and found one last topic to talk about. “Yuguang Ge, I need to sleep now. Thank you for tonight.”

“He Yuguang” didn’t reply as usual. Ji Yi, who wasn’t really sleepy, swiped the screen and read all the messages between herself and “He Yuguang” from the moment they were reunited till the present day.

When she finished, Ji Yi still felt wide awake, so she started to re-read their conversation from start to end again. A third of the way down, her eyelids started to struggle, and she fought with her sleepiness to push through ten more lines. Then her eyelids closed and she stopped resisting.

Her phone screen wasn’t locked, so the bright light shone on her fair complexion, making her look peaceful and beautiful.

Having not yet fallen asleep yet, her mind wandered for some reason to what she read a month ago in the study of the apartment of “He Yuguang”: “I wish you would get lost all your life and come to my side.” The line became clearer in her mind, and she eventually remembered how she sat alone in the ancient city by the road, listening to his silent call over an hour ago.

She couldn’t help but curve the corner of her lips into a smile.

Since it had been a long time since the phone was touched, the screen locked automatically.

As Ji Yi’s consciousness slipped into the darkness, she fell asleep.

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